Gratitude Journal Quote Page Tutorial 1

Hello friends, it’s Smitha! Today, I’m sharing a gratitude journal quote page tutorial. It’s an easy page to create in your planner!



Step 1:

Using the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil, quickly sketch out your floral and quote composition.

Using the bullet tip of the TwinTone Marker, outline your flowers and leaves. I love the color combination in the TwinTone Marker Pastel 12-Pack!


Step 2:

Mix and match your marker colors to complete the floral outline.


Step 3:

Using the fine tip of the TwinTone Marker, add small details onto the leaves and petals. I love that the ink is the same from both tips and you are able to create thick or thin lines!




Step 4:

Now using the bullet tip of the grey marker, letter a quote onto your page. The grey color in this TwinTone Marker Pastel 12-Pack is so soft and beautiful! It works great for planners.



There you have it friends! A quick floral sketch using the TwinTone Markers. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today! Happy crafting!


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