Tombow 2021 Design Team Open Call 3

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for our 2021 Design Team open call! Find out how to apply to be part of our 2021 Design Team below!

Tombow Design Team

We are excited to announce our open call for submissions to become part of our 2021 Design Team! In 2021, we’re looking for artists and crafters located in the United States and Canada with a passion for using Tombow products in new and unique ways. Below you’ll find information about the program, but if you have any questions regarding details of the program or the submission process please send them to


Design Team Perks

  • You will be supplied with an ample stash of Tombow products throughout the year
  • You will have first access to all new Tombow products launched throughout the year
  • You will receive virtual product training in early 2021 and supplementary online training throughout the year
  • You will receive products from our partners throughout the year
  • You will be compensated monthly for your Design Team work
  • You will have first access to giveaway opportunities, workshop sponsorships, and demonstration requests
  • You will have your name, bio, headshot and link to your personal blog + social accounts on the Tombow USA blog for the entire year
  • Your work will be featured on the Tombow USA blog twice per month; all blog posts are also shared on Tombow USA’s Facebook page and Pinterest account
  • Your work will be featured on the Tombow USA Instagram and Twitter throughout the year


Design Team Expectations

  • Use Tombow products in your projects and link to the Tombow USA website and blog whenever possible
  • Actively promote Tombow products and promotions
  • Create blog posts and Instagram posts for Tombow’s accounts on a weekly basis, along with additional projects, to be turned in to Tombow at pre-determined deadlines
  • Link to the Tombow USA blog on your own blog or website
  • Membership lasts January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021


Requirements to Apply

  • Must be located in the United States or Canada and legally able to work
  • Must be 21 years or older


Submission Requirements

Download the fillable PDF by clicking below for submission requirements. Remember to select “Save As” when you save the PDF so everything you type is reflected!


Deadline & Team Announcement

Applications are due via email to by the end of the day on Sunday November 1, 2020. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered. The 2021 Tombow Design Team will be announced here on the Tombow blog on Friday December 4, 2020.


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3 thoughts on “Tombow 2021 Design Team Open Call

  • Karen Romando

    I have a passion for arts and crafts. Have an AAS in Graphic Arts n Printing August 2003 graduate from Triton College River Grove Illinois. Since I couldn’t find a job in this area, I have srarted to create my own items. I have a house on a small piece of property. Love photography and at times incorporate that into my arts and crafting. I make greeting cards, paint, crochet, loom knit. I nicknamed my property to be Kare’s Green Country. I would and going to grow on that name to become a Bed and Breakfast one day and have a Country Store.

  • Reeha Kadeeja

    Love tombow products so much!! I am a high school student hopefully in the coming years once graduated i will apply for the design team!! From childhood i love art, drawing etc. when i grew up and started lettering i bought my first set of tombow fudenosuke which were incredibly awesome! i started making my own stickers this year! I havent started selling them yet! hopefully in the coming days!! I would love to join the design team in the future!!! Tombow dual brush pens are my favourite pens!!!