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Hello friends, it’s Smitha! Today, I’ll be recreating an abstract floral piece in my sketchbook inspired by a famous artist! Curious to see how it turned out? Scroll down 🙂


smitha inspired by


Step 1:

Today, I am creating a loose watercolor floral inspired by the Flower Garden by Gustav Klimt. I love the color scheme used and am going to try and implement that into my water coloring here today.

I started by prepping my sketchbook by masking all four corners with tape.

smitha inspired by

Step 2:

Using the brush tip of a few colors of Dual Brush Pens, I quickly added circle squiggles onto the paper. Then before the ink has time to dry, I paint over it with water using my paint brush. This is a thick watercolor paper that works great for this technique!

smitha inspired by

Step 3:

Once I had a lot of my flowers in, I started adding leaves by mixing two or three Dual Brush Pen colors on the page.

smitha inspired by

Step 4:

I continued in this manner, adding more colors for the flowers and more greens for the leaves. I painted with a wet paintbrush and that’s why the colors all bleed into each other like so.

smitha inspired by

Peel the masking tape off to reveal the clean lines and a nice defined page! I love how colorful this is! I enjoyed the painting experience 🙂

smitha inspired by

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today! Happy crafting!


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