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Flowers mark some of the best times in our lives and sometimes the saddest.  People send flowers for the birth of a new baby, a job promotion, anniversary and of course there are weddings. Talk about flower over load.  There are also sad times when we receive flowers. Using some of the flowers we received in condolences, I made this pressed flower art from some of the flowers from my father in law’s funeral.

Easy pressed flower wall art

I’m sad to say I’ve made a few of these in the last few years. But I cherish them. They help me remember my loved ones and the memories that we made.

This pressed flower art is really easy to make. Gathering and pressing the flowers is probably the hardest part.  It’s of course the longest part, because of all the waiting for the flowers to dry. The best way I have found to press flowers is to place three to four flowers on a white piece of printer paper and add a second piece of printer paper on top. Then, add a heavy book to the top.  It’s the perfect use for all those old year books collecting dust in the closet.

Pressed flowers to make a beautiful wall art reminder

After a few weeks (it took mine about 4 weeks), check your flowers and see if they are dried out.  If not, place them back under the heavy books and check them again in another week. Above is a good example of the types of flowers to pull out of the arrangements that press well.

To make this beautiful pressed flower art piece you will need:

Pick out a frame for the size you want to make your pressed flower art.  I usually stick with a 11″ x 14″ size frame.  I like to go with this double mat. I just like the look of it.  If you don’t want to use a mat, that’s ok too.

Pressed flowers and a black frame create a simple floral art piece

You are going to need some glue.  For this project I knew I wanted to use one of the Tombow MONO Liquid Glues.  I like that they have dual tips. A broad tip for big projects and a pen tip for smaller detailed projects like this one.

Use Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue to create a beautiful piece of wall art

Use a piece of plain white cardstock to glue down all your flowers.  I like to lay out my design before adding any glue so I can arrange the flowers and greenery where I want.  I like to start with something tall and green in the back like a fern leaf.

pressed flowers and greenery to create easy wall art

Once I have the design figured out, I use the pen tip of the MONO Multi Liquid Glue to add dots of glue to the back of the leaves and flowers.  I usually add a dot to the flat spots of the flowers so they will stay down on the card stock.

Use Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue to create a beautiful piece of wall art

Use a couple of dots of glue on the corners of the card stock and stick it to the bottom of the photo mat. Use a craft knife or pair of scissors to trim the stems of the flowers so the art will fit in the frame.

Use pressed flowers to make a beautiful piece of wall art

Add your finished art piece to the frame and it’s ready to display!

Easy Pressed flower art

Whether you are remembering a loved one who has passed or remembering the best day of your life, this pressed flower art will be a cherished piece you will be able to enjoy for years. These art pieces also make a great gift.


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