Everything You Need to Know About Happy Mail! 2

Everything you need to know about sending happy mail and cute kawaii faced cards

Everything You Need to Know About Happy Mail!


Happy mail is just what it sounds like…it’s mail that makes you happy. It’s not bills, statements, advertisements or junk mail. It’s those special cards, notes or packages that come through the mail to make you smile. Happy mail is so much fun to receive, so send a smile to someone else.



During this uniquely unusual time, it may not be ideal to send letters and cards through the mail. Instead, one can make a handmade card and take a picture of it and send it digitally.

However, this is also a great time to make a bunch of handmade cards to store and use when things have worked themselves out a bit. It’s nice to have some cards on hand for those last minute occasions. Also, making holiday cards now would be a great way to be prepared for the end of the year. Enjoy some time crafting handmade cards and decorated envelopes while you have some down time.


Five Tips about Sending Happy Mail:

  1. You can send an especially wide variety of things through USPS. Fill a plastic bottle with a rolled note, cover a package with stickers or send a miniature envelope. Just go into the post office to pay for the postage. Plus, it puts a smile on the employee’s faces.
  2. If you send anything that is not a standard rectangular envelope, there is additional postage fees. If you are sending a small square envelope, you may want to pop it in a standard envelope weighing one ounce or less for single stamp shipping. You could also pay the additional charge for the square size.
  3. Make sure to leave room on the envelope for the stamp cancellation across the top.
  4. Write the addresses clearly. Hand lettering is the best! It’s easier for the post office to send the mail if the address is written in print. Decorate the name as much as desired, but keep the address simple.
  5. Cards that have bulky embellishments should be hand canceled and not run through a machine or they will tear the envelope. You must take the envelope to the post office for hand cancelling.

Now that you know all the logistics of sending happy mail, let’s get to making it!

5 tips for sending happy mail through the USPS United States Postal Service.


Step 1: Envelopes

Begin by learning how to make your own envelope. Make envelopes out of scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or even old magazines and books.

How to Make an Envelope


Next decorate the envelopes with hand lettering and the address.

Here’s 5 Ways to Letter Happy Mail Addresses


How to Create Happy Mail Envelopes 3 Ways



Summer Happy Mail! How to draw girls with sunglasses

Summer Happy Mail! Learn how to Draw Cool Girls with Sunglasses, and how to create fun Summery happy mail envelopes using this tutorial by @TombowUSA and @studiokatie


Three Envelope Designs Using TwinTone Markers

Happy Mail Projects—Learn three fun ways to address envelopes with Adrienne from Studio 80 Design!


Mail Art Tutorial

Mail Art with Tombow and Waffle Flower stamps by Jessica Mack on behalf of Tombow
































Step 2: Handmade Cards

Then make a handmade card to stuff inside the envelope.

These cute cards are especially simple. Just draw cute kawaii faces on them with the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to bring a smile to the recipient. Add some washi tape to some handmade envelopes for the perfect colorful cheer.

Make cute kawaii faces on small cards for the perfect happy mail to send to friends for National Card and Letter Writing month.


Get more advanced with your handmade cards using rubber stamps and Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers for the perfect coloring.

Handmade Cards Colored with Tombow ABT PRO Markers


How to Draw Zentangle Inspired Hand Lettered Cards

Learn how to create some easy Zentangle-Inspired Hand Lettered Cards using Tombow's Advanced Lettering Set! Tutorial by @studiokatie for @tombowusa


This handmade stamp from a MONO Eraser can be used to stamp on the envelope or a package as well!

Make a Happy Stamp from a MONO Eraser


You could also make the card and the envelope with just one piece of paper!

Create a Birthday Card and Envelope with One Piece of Paper

Happy Birthday Tombow - How to create a birthday card and envelope with one piece of paper and Tombow Dual Brush Pens


Step 3: Add Some Extra

Add a little more pizzazz with these fun ideas!


How to Make an Envelope Scrapbook You Can Mail

Learn how to make an all-in-one Envelope Scrapbook that you can mail! Tutorial by @punkprojects using @tombowusa products!


25 Ideas for your Pretty Happy Mail

Check out @jenniegarcian 's tips to make easy pretty happy mail. She also shared 25 ideas to put in your happy packages! #tombow #happymail #snailmail
























That’s it!

Now you know everything you need to know about sending happy mail. Brighten the day of someone in your life with a handmade touch. Stock up on those handmade cards for the future and send a digital card to make everyone you know smile!

Everything you need to know about Happy Mail. How to send it through the United States Postal Service including 5 tips to make mailing smooth. Plus 10 awesome Happy mail ideas from making envelopes, cards and making them extra special.



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