DIY Color by Number Summer Doodle

Hi, y’all, it’s Grace from Grace Anne Studio. To me, summer means camping season! So today, let’s create a fun Color by Number summer doodle!

Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!



Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!


Step 1: Doodle Overview

First, use your MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil to sketch a tent doodle. I broke it down step by step using the MONO Drawing Pens and Twin Tone Markers. For a more detailed breakdown, start at Step 2. Otherwise, sketch your doodle and skip to Step 4!


Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!


Step 2: Doodle Tent Structure

First, draw a straight line horizontally on the page to create the base of the tent. Then, connect the ends with a curved line.

Next, start in the middle of the curve and draw four lines curving down to the base of the tent. The first two lines should extend through the corners of the tent past the base a bit. This creates the tent poles. Next, draw another horizontal line between the inner-most curved lines.


Step 3: Doodle Tent Details

Next, start about a fourth of the way down the tent in the middle curve. Draw two straight lines down on a slight diagonal to about a third of the way down the inner most curved line. Repeat this by drawing two more lines slightly below lines one and two and connect them along the inner-most curve.

Then, draw a vertical line down from the center of the top curve to the top of the point in the middle of the tent. Draw two more straight lines from the outermost curve to the middle curve. Align them with the middle pointed section.


Next, draw a curved line in the large opening of the tent. This will be the door. Curve a line from the opposite side to complete the door.

Then, draw three sets of two lines in the pointed section to represent ties on the tent.


Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!

Doodle Step 5


Step 4: Assign Color by Number

Trace your pencil sketch with a MONO Drawing Pen and erase any stray pencil marks.

Now let’s assign colors! I chose the ABT PRO Orange 5-pack, but any color 5-pack will work. Assign each color a number from one to five. One being the lightest color and five being the darkest. To add numbers/colors to the tent, picture which areas will be lightest and darkest. Start there.

The lightest area will be the top front of the tent, so I assigned number one. The darkest area is the base of the tent, so I assigned number five. After that, fill in the each section with a number according to how the light will hit the tent. In areas that you need more contrast, be sure to vary the numbers by at least two digits. For example, I wanted the pointed section in the middle of the tent to pop, so I chose to use five and three against one and four.

I used the TwinTone Markers here ONLY to exaggerate and highlight my color assignments. To truly create a color by number, I suggest very lightly penciling them in or creating a color map to reference. This will ensure the colors don’t show through the ABT PRO once they’re filled in.


Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!


Step 5: Color

Next, just fill in the colors! Use the flexible brush tip to fill in the small corners and smaller areas. Use the chisel tip to fill in the large areas. Work slowly and let the colors settle. You may need to add two or more coats of color to get even coverage, but working slowly will help you avoid over-saturating the paper.

TIP: Protect your surface! The ABT PRO Markers do not pill the paper, but depending on what paper you chose, they can bleed through the page. Always protect your surface and other pages in a notebook by using a blotter.


Step 6: Add Lettering (Optional)

If you’d like, complete the piece by using the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to add some mono-line lettering.


Learn to create color by number summer doodles with @graceannestudio and @tombowusa!


Thanks for following along! If you use this tutorial to create your own Color by Number summer doodle, be sure to tag @graceannestudio and @tombowusa so we can cheer you on! For more summer inspired projects, check out these posts:

Happy doodling!


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