How to Put Together The First Page of an Album

Hello friends, it’s Smitha here! Today, I am sharing a peek into my memory keeping process. Memory keeping to me is my way to play with photos, stick them down and make something pretty!


Material list:

Step 1:

Make your own embellishment cards! Start by trimming down patterned papers to size. My pocket scrapbook has pockets for 3×4 inches and 4×6 inches.

Adhere embellishments to the cards. Personalize them and make them uniquely yours.

I love adding paper doilies to my cards and I always use the MONO Adhesive + Permanent. It has an instant start mechanism that is perfect to hold down all corners and edges. It also creates a strong permanent bond which is great for scrapbooking! 


For felt embellishments, I use the MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue (even if they come with their own adhesive backing). A few drops of this and the embellishment will be held in place nicely.


Step 2:

Add a photo or photos! I added a photo onto a piece of cardstock. I tucked some cute ephemera beneath it and a few colorful gems around to make the photo look special.


Step 3:

Add an initial monogram by adhering to an alphabet thicker. I’ve had many old scrapbooks of mine drop their alphabet stickers! So these days, I use the MONO Adhesive + Permanent.


Step 4:

Finally, insert all of our handmade cards into the pockets of the scrapbook album. I also like to add a bold patterned paper as a filler card. Try to choose a patterned paper that ties in all the colors you have used on the page. This will create a beautifully cohesive page!


There you have it! A pretty first page of my album is done. My style for scrapbooking is simple with pops of pink. I love having white spaces and textures of white with paper doilies.


If you give these a try, share them with us using the hashtag #tombowusa or tag @tombowusa! Take care!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy crafting!


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