Artist’s Corner – Artist Profile: Aja Wells 5

Aja Wells is an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from Hawaii.  After deciding she wanted to be an artist when she was four years old, she earned her B.A. in studio art from Humboldt Start University.  Currently, Aja is working primarily in the childrens market.

Aja recently featured some great drawings of puppies on her blog, created using our dual brush pens on moleskine paper.  Remembering using these pens as a child, she picked up three shades of brown to pair with the moleskine color.  As Aja says, “The moleskine paper is super thick and perfect for using markers on – there is zero bleed through to the other side.”

Visit Aja’s blog to see more sketches with dual brush pens on moleskine or website to check out more of her work.

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