Summer 2015 Trends – Monograms

Summer is here and in full swing!  So, let’s settle in and talk about TRENDS for SUMMER 2015!  I am always tend spotting when I am out at the Mall, Superstores, Craft Stores and even at the Hardware Store.

Shopping in several teen stores on Sunday, I noticed that MONOGRAMS are still popular and trendy – on backpacks, notebooks and jewelry – and there is lots of PINK, NAVY BLUE!  NAUTICAL and PREPPY STYLES are back from the 80’s, but completely updated and hip with modern color schemes!


I have created my project today around the letter M, simple wooden pieces that I picked up at my local craft store, my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Adhesives – plus – some delicious “Summer Sun” love that was recently sent by Fancy Pants Designs.


I purchased a wooden plaque, filigree and monogram letter M, then selected a bold stripe and floral double sided paper called Summer Floral from the Summer Sun line from Fancy Pants Designs.  Trace the outline of the plaque onto the striped side of the paper and the letter M on the floral side of the paper with a Tombow MONO Professional Drawing Pencil.


Fussy cut both pieces with scissors.


Edge wooden plaque with Tombow Dual Brush Pen 743 to give a finished look.  I love the way that you can just color the edge of a project like this – so much quicker and easier than paint!


Apply Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to both wooden pieces and spread to an even layer with the broad tip.  The Aqua Glue is perfect for applying paper to different flat surfaces like wood because it dry flat with no wrinkles!


Color the wooden filigree with Tombow Dual Brush Pen 528, which again is simple and easy when coloring in a detailed piece like this one.  I always make sure to color on top of a towel or scrap piece of paper, so as not ti ruin my work surface.


Flip wooden filigree over and apply Tombow Xtreme Adhesive to top, bottom, left and right edges, then center and press firmly to paper covered plaque.


Using Tombow Xtreme Tabs to apply the Summer Sun Buttons, yellow plaid bow and Monogram letter M on top of the filigree.  These Tabs are clear and hold to the Xtreme – thus the name – LOL!


Trends are everywhere, so keep an eye out for repeating colors, patterns and themes because there just might be a new trend looking right at you in the aisle of the drug store!

Check out more Summer trends and creative inspiration over on my BLOG and thanks for stopping by! -Beth


Easy D.I.Y. Coasters

Easy D.I.Y Coasters

Hello and thanks for visiting!  I have an Easy D.I.Y. Coaster project to share with you today. These Easy D.I.Y Coasters are the perfect way to personalize your party.  You can use stamps (like I did) or just write your event name right on the coaster with permanent ink.  And, this is a wonderful project to do with your children too!


To begin this Easy D.I.Y project, you have to get coasters.  I got mine at the store where everything is a dollar but you can find them anywhere.  At the craft store, the party supply store, and in the party/seasonal section of the big box stores.  Or, when you go out to eat, they usually give you a coaster for your drink.  You can use them for this project too.  Just flip it over to the blank side and have fun stamping or writing!

For a summer party we were having, I thought ice cream was the perfect image.  Nothing says summer like ice cream (or watermelon :) ) I stamped this ice cream cone on my coasters with permanent ink.


Then, I used my Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils to color my images in.  These pencils are super awesome!  They color beautifully and are perfect for layering. I used several different colors of pencils and used my  Tombow Dual Brush Blender Pen  to blend the colors.  Each 10 pack of Dual Brush Pens comes with a blender pen, but you can also purchase them separately. And you can use the blender pen with the colored pencils too.  It works wonderfully!

The reason I have used all permanent (non water based Tombow products) is so I can seal the coasters.  I used Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue to do this.  Using the broad tip of the glue, I put a thin layer of Mono Aqua glue over the top of the coaster so they won’t get ruined if they get wet.  These coasters are meant to be thrown out, but with a little Tombow Mono Liquid Glue you can use them several times!  And look at how shiny and pretty they look with a little glue! The coasters standing up have glue on them and the flat coasters do not so you can see the difference.  Awesome!

I hope you enjoy making your own personalized coasters!!


Stars and Stripes Project Life By Jennie Garcia

Happy Friday Everyone! This week we are using stars and stripes patterns! I used those patterns along with a bunch of color in this Stars and Stripes Project Life Spread. Project Life MAY-001 I hope this inspires you to catch up on your scrapbooking or Project Life this weekend! Project Life MAY-002

Many people don’t know what to put on their Project Life Albums when life is “boring”. I always include a photo or a list of books we read.Project Life MAY-003

To glue the white felt doily on the May Title Card I used the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive. The May letters are from Fancy Pants and the rest of the embellishments are from Freckled Fawn. Project Life MAY-004

To glue photos and paper embellishments I used the Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive. This star paper is from Pretty Little Studio. Project Life MAY-005 To make the pocket for the card I used the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive with a transparency. Since the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive is clear, it won’t show. I also used it on the paper clip to make sure it doesn’t move.
Project Life MAY-006 To glue the chipboard frame I used the Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive. The red letters are from the Sn@p Collection from Simple Stories. Project Life MAY-007 The stamps on this card are from October Afternoon. All the washi tape I used is from Freckled Fawn. Project Life MAY-008 For this layout I used the Happy Core Kit and the Kiwi Core Kit. I bet you like all the awesome paper in this photo. Once a month the National Postal Museum has a Mail Social where you get to play with paper and stamps while chatting to friends. If you go to DC make sure you check it out.  Project Life MAY-009

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember to share your projects using the hashtags #tombow #tombowusa

Take Care and Happy 4th of July!

July 4th Layout- Stars and Stripes week

Welcome to another inspiring day of our Stars and Stripes week here on the Tombow USA blog. As we get closer to the most patriotic holiday here in the US I’ve been packing for out road trip to Mt. Rushmore. One of the most patriotic places in the US. I could not pass up doing some crafting for the holiday. A little bit of home decor has been made, a few cards to send out and the July 4th layout I am sharing with you today. Here is the layout I have to share with you.


Materials you’ll need from Tombow USA are:

Foam Tape

Foam Tabs

MONO Adhesive Permanent adhesive

MONO Twin Permanent Marker 

Patterned paper: Me and my BIG ideas

Cardstock: American Crafts

Star die cut: Silhouette


Paper trimmer

I started the page out from finishing another project. and couldn’t just toss the red and white polka dot star cut up paper. I immediately thought it was perfect for this July 4th layout. Here’s the beginning look at the page.


Next I added my photo. It was placed on some white cardstock. I then chose a 3×4 life card and placed it on the lower left of the photo. It is raised with Foam Tape.  The die cuts were too boring for my taste so I used the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to add some line art around the edges. I did the same to the title piece and journal spot. Here is a detailed shot of that.



If you haven’t checked out the blog this week go take a look.

Red, White and Blue Ombre with markers by Jennifer Priest

One last look at my finished 4th of July layout!


More to come your way tomorrow with Jennie. You’ve still got a little bit of time to get some July 4th crafting completed. Have fun and enjoy your holiday weekend!!





Tombow Stars and Stripes - Red white blue ombre with markers JPriest

Red, White and Blue Ombre with Markers – Stars and Stripes Week

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I have always loved the red, white, and blue and at one time, I had my entire living room decorated in Americana. Those days are long gone but we can still enjoy some red, white, and blue on cards, scrapbook pages and other crafts with these fun and easy technique using water, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, the Tombow Blending Palette, and paper. Here’s how to make red, white and blue ombre:

Once you’ve created an ombre piece of paper, it’s ready to be made into something amazing:

  • Mat a photo on it
  • Cut it down to form a card front
  • Use it as a page in your Project Life book
  • Punch shapes out of it
  • Draw, letter, or doodle on it

I decided to punch stars out of the paper and add them to a card front with Tombow Foam Tape. This card can be used for Fourth of July, a birthday, or just because. Everyone loves stars!

Tombow Stars and Stripes - Red white blue ombre with markers JPriest

I used Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue to add glitter to the stars to make them shimmery, for an extra touch of razzle dazzle:

Tombow Stars and Stripes - Red white blue ombre with markers JPriest 2

Finally, I used a Tombow Mono Twin Permanent Marker to add a sentiment and doodles to the card front.



  • Heat Gun
  • Star Punch
  • Scissors

I hope you are inspired to try this technique on your next papercrafting project.

Wishing you a fabulous Fourth of July! For more crafty goodness, please visit me over at Just JP.


Just Add Color Week- Project Life by Jennie Garcia

Happy Friday! Today Tombow USA, Bella Blvd. and Craftwell are taking over Instagram with an InstaHop showcasing the Just Add Color Collection and the Tombow Dual Brush Pens! Make sure you visit the @tombowusa Instagram Account to join the hop at 11:00 AM CST! Leave a comment on all the Instagram accounts for the chance to win a prize from these amazing companies. Bella Blvd. Just Add Color The Just Add Color Collection and the Tombow Bright Set Dual Brush Pens is a match made in heaven! I like the black and white look so I just used a little bit of colors in a few of the cards.Bella Blvd. Just Add Color1

To glue papers and embellishments I used the Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive.Bella Blvd. Just Add Color2. Just Add Color2 Bella Blvd. Just Add Color4 Bella Blvd. Just Add Color5

I love to add QR Codes with videos on my layouts and the frames are always a good touch. To glue the frame and the paper with the QR Code I used the Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern AdhesiveBella Blvd. Just Add Color6This week I added an insert for my daughter’s birthday party. Doesn’t this cake look delicious? Well it wasn’t, I made it and it was awful! At least the frosting was good and it looked pretty. A for effort… and awful.

Just Add Color7Just Add Color8












I hope you enjoyed this Project Life Spread using the Just Add Color Collection from Bella Blvd. and the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Tombow Adhesives. See you on Instagram!

Bella Blvd + Tombow Just Add Color Day 4

Hey lovelies. What an exciting week we have for you. Tombow USA has teamed up with Bella blvd to showcase some fun new ideas for you. Today I’m packing it up for a road trip with my family and that means getting the kids organized as well. I plan on creating these fun tubs for each kid to have their road trip activities in along with snacks and games. Today I created these tags to put on the tubs so each kid know where to find their items. Here are my tags:


All you need are these items to created the fun ombre tags.

just add color
For these tags I used these simple steps to make:
1. Cut three pieces of cardstock down to 4″x6″ and round the corners with a punch. I then inked the edges with black ink.
2. Next choose “Just Add Color” patterned papers from Bella Blvd. Cut them done to 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ and round the corners as well. Ink those edges with black.
3. Choose the colors you like and create and ombre of color by coloring darker on one end and making it lighter on the other. Using the Tombow Colorless Blender smooth the ombre color out. Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils are perfect for this.
4. Adhere letter stickers and enamel dots.
5. Next choose other coordinating cardstock. The papers I used were all from my scrap bin. Cut these pieces down to 2-1/2″ x 4″ and adhere to the top of each tag.
6. Lastly put the pieces all together by adhering your “Just Add Color” piece with Tombow Foam Tabs and finishing with some staples or stitching. I did both.
Here are a couple details of the tags all finished up!
My kids already saw these are were excited to put them on their bins. They only took about 30 minutes to complete and are totally unique. Thanks for stopping by today. More tomorrow and don’t forget to check out the Instagram feeds of all the teams involved this week. Tomorrow is PRIZE day!

Alt Summit Layout JPriest


Remember that summer road trip the family took back in ’84 to Yosemite? Yeah, I don’t remember it either. Scrapbooking’s magic is in the journaling and the best time to journal is right after something happened.  With all the summer trips happening, it’s hard to find paper and embellishments to use with your photos as the memories happen. My daughter and I went on a road trip this summer to Salt Lake City, UT to attend Alt Summit, a blogging and branding conference. We had alot of fun, and since the event is put on by the best bloggers, there were loads of photo opportunities. Now to find the perfect summer scrapbooking paper that matches the trendy “now” colors of the photos we took at the event.

Alt Summit Layout JPriest

I was super excited to receive the “Just Add Color” line from Bella Blvd for this week’s project. One of the challenges in scrapbooking is not having the perfect matching paper for your photos. With “Just Add Color”, the papers can be customized to match any theme using Tombow Dual Brush Pens. I treated the papers in this set four ways:

  • Colored in words on the paper. Color onto the Tombow Blending Palette and pick up the color with a Tombow Dual Brush Blender. Apply the color to the paper. When the color lightens, pick up more color from the Blending Palette using the Tombow Dual Brush Blender.
  • Use the Tombow Dual Brush Blender to color the edges of the paper, coloring towards the middle of the paper. This makes an ombre effect along the edge of the paper.
  • Scribble and draw on the paper.
  • Spray water on the Tombow Blending Palette, turn over so the top is facing downward, and flick the Palette with your finger to make a splatter on the paper.

Tombow Bella Blvd Scrapbook Page JPriest

All of the color on this layout came from Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the techniques above as well as the beautiful embellishments Bella Blvd provided.

Bella Blvd and Tombow for Summer Scrapbook Pages JPriest

Here’s what you’ll need to create this page:

Scrapbooking with Just Add Color - TOMBOW



Watch this video to create this scrapbook page alongside me to see these techniques in action:

Thanks so much for stopping by the Tombow USA blog today. Please leave us a comment and let us know how you scrapbook your summer photos. Do you take a journal along and do it on the road? Or do you save up the photos and scrapbook them at the end of the year? We’d love to know.

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram. This Friday we are hopping with our friends at Bella Blvd and Craftwell over on Instagram. Each designer will be sharing an inspiring project plus there’s a fabulous giveaway up for grabs. Come back Friday when the fun begins.

See you then. And until then, check out our blog all week and visit me over at Just JP.




It’s Day Two of the Tombow USA, Craftwell and Bella Blvd. “Just Add Color” Week!

Each day this week here on the Tombow USA blog and over on the Bella Blvd. and Craftwell Blogs all three Design Teams are showcasing the Bella Blvd. “Just Add Color” Collection and this Friday, visit @bellablvdllc on Instagram to join the hop!  There will be a big giveaway including products from Tombow USA, Bella Blvd. and Craftwell!

Make sure you follow @tombowusa on Instagram, so you don’t miss out on any of the FUN!

Now on to my project!

I created a set of recycled gift bags that are perfect to keep on hand for any last minute gift giving needs!


Bella Blvd. sent the “Just Add Color” Collection including papers, stickers and embellishments.


I started with some boxes that I recycled from my kitchen – any size will do, but I found that the cracker boxes are the most versatile.  First, cut off the top flaps with scissors.


Select the papers you want to use then measure and cut to size.  I created a 1″ overlap on the sides, so that the box was completely covered.  Attach to box with Tombow USA Xtreme Adhesive.  This is a super strong adhesive, but make sure to “snap” the adhesive off at a 90 degree angle at the end of each run.


Select a contrasting paper for the sides and bottom to create interest.  Measure and cut to size then attach with Tombow USA Xtreme Adhesive.


Next we are going to “Just Add Color” with Tombow USA Dual Brush Pens!  These pens have a brush tip for larger areas and a fine tip for detailed coloring!  The bonus to this project is that the coloring is very RELAXING after a long work day!



Add stickers and embellishments to personalize the gift bag especially for the recipient!  This “Just Add Color” Collection has ALOT of sticker options in color and in black and white (which can be colored to coordinate with your project!).

Here are a few detailed photos…



For more inspiration, head on over to both the Craftwell blog and the Bella Blvd. blog to find creations from their design team members. Make sure and stop back throughout the rest of the week, as we have a bunch more projects to share with you. And we’ll also be having a fun Instagram hop on Friday, involving all three teams, that will include a giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth



This week Tombow USA is teaming up with Bella Blvd.!  We will be showcasing projects using their “Just Add Color” collection!  This Friday, visit @bellablvdllc on Instagram to join the hop!  There will be a big giveaway including products from Tombow USA, Bella Blvd. and Craftwell!  Make sure you follow @tombowusa on Instagram!


I made my own Adult Coloring Book from the Bella Blvd. “Just Add Color” Collection.



I started by cutting several different “Just Add Color” papers.  I cut the 3 inside pages to 7″x10″, and the diagonal stripe paper to 7 1/4″ x10 1/4″for the cover.  Then I cut the heart paper to 6 3/4″x10 1/4″and adhered it to the top of the diagonal paper with my Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive.


I then scored all the papers in the middle and made them into a book.  I stapled the center to bind them.

After I embellished the cover with “Just Add Color” embellishments, I colored some hearts with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Top view of my Adult Coloring Book.


Thanks for visiting!  And please keep checking the blog for even more inspiration!