Stay Brave by Daniella Hayes

When I work, I always make more than one thing.  If I already have paints, inks, stamps,etc. out, I might as well use them up.  Sometimes I make multiple cards, or a card and tag, or a tag and a canvas background.  I just hate to waste.  For example, I always pour out too much paint.  No matter how hard I try to pour out just the right amount, it never works. Then I have to pour out more and I have too much.  So, I use it for something else.  
Last week, I posted a mixed media card with a tutorial for the Tombow USA blog.  This week, I’m showing what I made with my leftovers.



This card was made with the same materials and the same instructions as last week.  Go HERE if you want too see them again.  The stamps are different this time.  The woman stamp is a Dylusions “Survivor” stamp and the “Stay Brave” stamp is by Dina Wakley.

I started with my background and used my FAVORITE Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive to adhere the papers to the card.  The “Stamp Runner” is fabulous because you can use it like an adhesive runner OR you can hold it vertically and stamp adhesive in one spot!  Pretty cool!  Next, I stamped my images and cut them out.  

Just like last week, I got my Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  I used 2 different sets of them, Brights and Manga Shonen.  I used all of the blue and green markers from both sets.  I scribbled the colors onto my craft mat and used my Blender Pen to pick them up and apply them to my stamped image.  You can mix the inks or use one at a time.  The Blender Pen gives a watercolor look to your coloring.  And it will not get ruined by the ink.  Just use the ink on the pen until it is gone and you are ready to go!!  Every 10 marker set comes with a Blender Pen!

I love how light her eyes came out!  I also LOVE mixing and making my own colors!!

I added Tombw 3D Foam Tabs to the back of her and added her to the card.

Thanks so much for visiting today!!  I hope you will try these Tombow products for yourself.  I promise, you will not be disappointed!!


Vino Mixed Media Page by Marie Browning

IMG_1575 IMG_1575 IMG_1571

For this post I am having fun playing with backgrounds using the Dual Brush Pens. I have done the sample on a 9″ x 12″ Marker Crescent Board, but it can easily be done in your art  journal or on a card blank. I choose my Dual Brush Pen colors; golds and purples for a complimentary color palette: 026 Yellow Gold, 027 Dark Ochre, N57 Warm Gray 5, 757 Port Red, 676 Royal Purple and 679 Dark Plum. With your Blender Kit, apply color all over the blending Pallet then use the Mister and spray with water. Place face down onto your surface.

Here is the fresh color on the surface. I added the colors in ‘drifts’, with the golds going diagonally across the page and the purples in two opposite corners. While it is still wet, sprinkle with salt. Don’t worry about any white areas and never judge it until it’s dry, it changes dramatically!

When completely dry, brush off the excess salt. Here is a detail of what the salt does to the colors when dry! Cool!

Repeat this ‘splash’ technique but use a stencil instead of the blending palette.

Don’t expect a perfect image, but do expect this very cool detail on your surface when using stencils!

Here’s another detail imitating wineglass spills. Just add the color to the blending palette, mist with water and then use a wineglass (or any round bottomed container) to dip into the color and print onto your surface.

I prepared the large lettering on a separate  piece of paper. Using  regular handwriting, use the brush tip to write your word(s). I did the lettering first with the lighter purple brush pen, and then added a darker shade to the top creating this two-toned lettering. The typed lettering was done on my computer and printed out.

Here is the finished piece! The large lettering was attached using Tombow’s new Foam Tape, and the smaller lettering using MONO Multi Liquid Glue. I also added lettering at the bottom. I used Tombow WideTrac Correction Tape, distressed it with an art knife, and then added the lettering with the Dual Brush Pen using the fine tip. A brush tip edging finished the creation.

Marie IMG_0317

Hope you try these fun techniques using your Dual Brush Pens!

FYI: Project Life Tips By Jennie Garcia

Happy Friday! This is Jennie and I just wanted to share some techniques and tips that I’ve learned these past months while doing Project Life. I know that many of you will be starting Project Life this year and I thought you may need a hand. I think I finally found my groove and rhythm, now I really feel like I know what I’m doing instead of just guessing as I go. So here are my tips and I hope you find them useful! If you want to, leave us your own tip on the comment section! Here are 7 Project Life Tips for you!

Tip #1: Keep it Simple

I LOVE embellishing! I know how tempting it is to put 20 embellishments on the same card but easy does it! Once you feel you like the card stop looking for things to add. This will also help you finish those spreads faster.

Tip #2: Know your photos

What I mean by this is that you should find out if you prefer portraits, horizontal or square photos. Most of my photos are portraits (taken with my iPhone), some squares with a few horizontal ones every now and then. This will help you find the perfect page protector. These 2 below are my favorite, I use them all the time! With these kind of page protectors I also feel like I can put lots of photos without looking too busy!

Tip #3: Get a photo printer! 

I know it can be pricey but it’s worth the extra cents. No waiting for prints to be done, not driving to the store and you can print as you go! I got a Canon PIXMA MG6320 for around $70 and I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Every week or two I print my photos and I slip them in their page protectors even if I don’t work on them right away.

 Tip #4: Include yourself! 

Yes, scrapbookers tend to scrap everyone in family from the great grandparents to the goldfish but where are we? Like 5 photos if you count all the albums since 1995. I don’t blame you. I HATE PHOTOS OF MYSELF! Really! I’m the least photogenic person in the Galaxy! I’m not exaggerating! Well maybe a tiny bit. I’m not taking photos each week and that is why I include my Currently List Card by the awesome Kristin aka rukristin! Every Sunday I take a few minutes to fill my card. I actually fill the answers on pencil on the back of the card, when I work on the spread I type it with my typewriter.

 Tip #5 Get tech support!

I have really bad memory so I LOVE that my phone tells me what day I took the photos. Also mix it up with apps! a few of my favorites are: Pic Tap Go, RealBokeh, Pic Stitch, A Beautiful Mess, InstaWeather, InstaPlace and Rhonna Designs.

 Tip #6: Make your own kits!

Supplies are cool. NEW Supplies are even cooler but STOP buying! (Unless you buy Tombow which you HAVE TO since you always need awesome adhesives!) I keep my embellishments and cards by color to find them easily and when I make a layout I just pick my little color boxes a go to town with them. My three staple embellishments are: Alpha Stickers, Labels (most print and cut freebies I find online) and Enamel Dots. Of the last ones I have some store bought and some home made with perler beads which I glue using the Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

Tip #7: Write your story! 

I write my journaling on the back of the photos as I print them but maybe you can use your planner or even write notes on your phone. Sometimes all you need are funny memes or even snapshots of your Facebook or Twitter Status.

I’ll have more tips in the future but to avoid making this post a book, I’ll stop here. These are just a few basics I wanted to cover but if you would like me to talk more about one of these tips or you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I will get back at you on that!

To glue the photos, papers and labels on this spread I used the Tombow Mono Adhesive Permanent. To glue the glasses I used Tombow Power Tabs and some of my alphas were not that sticky so I used the Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue.

For this spread I used cards from the Happy Core Kit, Embellishments and Alphas from Freckled Fawn and Simple Stories.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Take Care!

Sweet messages mail boxes

Hey Tombow lovers. It’s Latrice and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be here to share projects with you as a Tombow Design team member. Talk about a dream come true for me. Today I have a budget friendly project that those of you with kids will love. I could see these as a cute teacher gift as well. We’re going to make mini Valentine’s Day mailboxes. Take a look

Here’s what you’ll need to create this adorable project:

Mini mailboxes (Target dollar section)

Candle sticks (Dollar Tree)

Stickers (Me and my BIG ideas)

Cardstock and patterned paper

White pen (Uniball)

Border PUnches (Fiskars & EK Success)

Glue gun

Die Cutting machine (Silhouette or similar)

Tombow product:

Tombow MONO permanent adhesive runner

Tombow 3D Foam Tabs

Tombow AQUA MONO liquid glue

New adhesive dots (available soon!)

These were pretty simple to put together, but did take a little time. Here’s step by step directions for you.


1. Choose your die cutting shape or template and start it cutting.

2. While you wait for your pieces to cut out glue the candlesticks to the mailboxes. I added glue around it as well for extra stability.

3. Cut (6) 4″x1″ strips of black cardstock and using border punches give them a fun edge. Give them faux stitching with the white pen.

4. Adhere you die cut pieces to the mailboxes using what adhesive is best. The silver and red mail boxes got Liquid Glue while the pink I used the adhesive dots. See pictures below.

5. Next create 3.5″x1″ banners from white cardstock and spell out a name or any word you would like. Adhere this to the mailbox door with 3D foam tabs.

6. Adhere a few more stickers the the front and side of each mailbox.

7. Finish by adhering the black borders with faux stitching to the sides. Add a treat and watch your kids face light up.

Here area few close up of the mailboxes.

If you follow me you know I have three kids who are my world. They love writing each other notes and leaving little things for one another. This will be so fun.

Here’s a BONUS project! A goal I have this year is to lessen the scraps I keep. So I made a card with my left overs. Check it out!

Follow me and Tombow on Instagram to see more crafty projects and to stay up to date with what’s happening around here. You can visit me at my blog HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by. More to come from me and the rest of the team. Happy crafting everyone!!



2015-01 TOMBOW - DIY Teen Chore Chartby Jennifer Priest

DIY Chore Charts for Teens

Hello! I’m Jennifer Priest and I am super excited to be back here on the Tombow blog with my first post as a 2015 Design Team member! With the new year, we’ve set a resolution to get our chores in order here in the Priest household. I’ve tried chore apps and chore pads and other tools you can buy to help with chore management but none of them were a good “fit”. As a mom of a high school sophomore and a 2nd grader, it’s even more challenging to find chore charts for teens that also work for grade school aged kids. This is where being a crafter comes in handy – when something doesn’t work quite right, we can craft our own solution. I created this easy DIY Chore Chart for Teens to help my kids do their chores using Tombow’s Fastener Tabs to make the job easy. 

I created this chore chart on a burlap covered bulletin board hung in my hallway between the kids’ rooms. You can use any bulletin board or even a piece of foam core board to mount the chore chart elements. I created tags for each chore and added Tombow Fastener Tabs to the back of each tag. The Tombow Fastener Tabs allow the kids and I to remove the tags easily day after day. Some chores are to be done daily while others are to be done once a week. Each day, the kids will remove the tag from the bulletin board as they complete the chore, placing the tag back into the library envelope. In the morning, I will pull out that day’s chore tags and secure them to the board with the Tombow Fastener Tabs. As I need more tags for new chores, I simply have to write them out with Tombow Dual Brush Pens on new shipping tags and add a Tombow Fastener Tab to the back of each tag.

2015-01 TOMBOW - DIY Teen Chore Chartby Jennifer Priest

I used only a portion of the bulletin board for the chore chart so that the rest of the space is available for other important papers and info. Here’s how to create your own chore chart:


What chores would you put on your kids’ custom chore chart? Do you have kids of different ages in your family?

Thanks for stopping by today! See more practical craft projects on my blog at hydrangeahippo.



Hi!  I have a mixed media card to share with you today.

I used several of Tombow’s AWESOME products to make this.  I will post links to them as I show you how I used them.

First, I gathered my supplies.  In addition to the Tombow products, I used black paper from Graphic 45, A Diana Wakley stamp and a background paper I made myself.

After you stamp your image, tear around the edges and add ink to them.  I used a few different Tombow Dual Brush Pens from 2 different sets ~ Brights and Manga Shojo.  

Next I went over the marker areas with a paint brush and water, to blend the colors and give a watercolor effect.

I used theTombow Stamp Runner Dot Pattern Adhesive to adhere my papers to my card.  This Stamp runner is soooo cool!  You can use it as an adhesive runner or point it straight up and use it to “Stamp” adhesive squares exactly where you want them. 

To give my stamped paper dimension, I used Tombow Foam Tabs.  These foam pads instantly create a 3D effect to your project.

After I adhered all my papers and added some ink splatter I decided I wanted to give a watercolor effect to the flower on the front (it’s art, I’m allowed to change my mind! :) ).  I took a blue and a green Tombow Dual Brush Pen and scribbled some ink on my craft mat.  Then I picked up the ink with my Tombow Blender Pen and applied it to the flower.  You can buy a blender pen alone, but you get one free in every set of 10 Dual Brush Pens!

Finally I adhered some gems and a bow with my favorite, Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue.  This glue dries clear and makes a permanent bond when used wet.  But if you use it and let it dry, it becomes repositionable adhesive!  Sweet!

Thank you for visiting today!  Please be sure to check out all the links to the Tombow products I used.



Mixed Media Apothecary Gift Box

Learn to make a beautifully decorated Mixed Media Apothecary Tea Box.

Eblast_1 - Copy

You can fill  your Tea Box with handmade gifts using all of the most popular trends; DIY, Apothecary, handmade gifts, and muted pastel floral to make sure it’s a hit!

Eblast_2 -

This class contains everything you need to know and teach in your store including full printable instructions, class outline, classroom set-up and recipe sheets.  The first 50 participants to enroll in the Tombow Workshop will receive a $50 credit off their Tombow CHA 2015 show order plus over $30.00 worth of free Tombow products.

We can’t wait to share all the BEAUTIFUL Mixed Media Apothecary Tea Boxes that were created!
Check back for the finished projects!

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Jennifer Priest

Our FINAL 2015 Design Team Member spotlight, is JENNIFER PRIEST!!

From a teenage seamstress, painter and basket weaver to a modern-day marvel entrepreneur, Jennifer has harnessed her natural talent to drive business doing what she loves. With multiple balls in the air, Jennifer leverages her savvy online approach to business as a social media marketing manager and consultant. She also opened an Etsy shop, Hydrangea Hippo, in 2007, where she sells design crafting kits and online classes.

Even with a full plate, Jennifer’s authentic approach to do-it-yourself crafting and savvy business smarts makes her the perfect addition to the Tombow design team.

Jennifer is a social media guru! Show her SOME LOVE and “Like” her Facebook Page Hydrangea Hippo.

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Beth Watson

We are excited to have BETH WATSON join our amazing 2015 Design Team!


Designing and crafting since childhood, Beth’s creativity blossomed at age 12, with the gift of her first painting set. Harnessing her natural talents, Beth works in the advertising and marketing industry, where she excels in product development and original product design. In her free time, she shares her gift by teaching craft classes to adults and children.

Beth is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design and holds a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design, with photography and illustration experience. She lives in sunny southwest Florida with her family.

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Latrice Murphy

Our Next Fabulous NEW DT member to be spotlighted is, Latrice Murphy!


Latrice is a blogger, business owner, photographer, mother of three, wife and a dedicated crafter. And she’s always on the go. She even carries a Tombow tape runner in her purse at all times. When she’s not featured in Paper Crafts Magazine, she’s searching for new inspiration in the fashion and design industries and networking with other crafters.

Latrice holds two degrees – architecture and teaching – and lives in Aurora, Illinois with her husband and three children.

To see more of Latrice’s Work- check her out on Instagram!

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