Delicate Construction by Michelle #Tombow100 2

Delicate Construction by Michelle is a blog that focuses on projects that only take 30 minutes. Michelle is a wife, mommy, caregiver, teacher, student, and all around domestic addict! She  loves to do anything that involves crafting, projects, home and family!

This is a little sneak peak of a 30 Minute Chevron Banner she created for the 100 days of Tombow Program.

chevron banner


Check out Delicate Construction by Michelle to see how Michelle created this adorable banner for the 100 days of Tombow Program!

Don’t forget, you can show your support by trending #Tombow100

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2 thoughts on “Delicate Construction by Michelle #Tombow100

  • Cornerstone

    I am so glad that you are sharing these great ideas with people. Not only are they quick and easy to do, but they can save us a lot of time too! I know not everyone has all day to craft something fun for their home or family. It was really helpful for me to see how many things can be done in under 30 minutes. Keep up the great work–we need more people like you out there who want to share these tips with others!

  • Adam Smith

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