Jacquelynne Steves – The Art of Home #tombow100

Jacquelynne Steves is the owner of a blog called “The Art of Home.”
She is an artist and illustrator. She also designs fabric and quilt & sewing patterns for the quilting industry.

Jacquelynne says, “I remember my mom making Halloween decorations out of construction paper when we couldn’t afford the store bought ones. I remember that she made my sister and me matching blue plaid Easter coats when I was about 6 years old.”

She also writes and illustrates books featuring creative ideas like quilt patterns, craft projects, and recipes.

Here is a sneak peak of Tea Bag Package she created for the 100 days of Tombow Program:

Check how Jacquelynne created this really cool Tea Bag Package for the 100 days of Tombow Program!

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