Pre Black Friday Sale

Tombow USA is having a PRE BLACK FRIDAY SALE!
Tombow Pre Black Friday Sale

At Tombow We understand that with creative projects, a good adhesive is essential. You want an adhesive that’s easy to apply, only sticks where you want it to and that will last for a lifetime. From glue pens to glue sticks to liquid glue and tape runners, we’ve got everything you need to get it together.

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MONO Permanent Adhesive for only $5.83
Tombow Permanent Adhesive
MONO Removable Adhesive for only $5.83 

Tombow Removable Adhesive

MONO Adhesive Dots for only $5.83
Tombow Adhesive Dots

Power Tabs for only $4.39
Tombow Power Tabs

MONO Multi Liquid Glue for only $2.56
Tombow MONO MultiMONO Power Bond Adhesive for only $1.99
Tombow Power Bond
MONO Glue Pen for only $1.99 
Tombow MONO Glue Pen…..And Much MORE!! 

Sale ends 11/12/2014!
Get your Holiday Adhesives while supplies LAST!

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