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It’s the season of love, which means it’s the perfect time to create personal DIY projects for the special people in your life! I’m Amy, from Amy Latta Creations, and today I want to share a simple but sentimental Reversible Paper Roll Valentine using materials you probably already have around the house.

Image is a collage of finished project photos showing a toilet paper roll turned into a heart shaped candy bar sleeve.


How to Make Reversible Paper Roll Valentines

Step 1: Flatten your roll and use your Tombow 8900 Drawing Pencil to sketch a heart shape with a 3/4” rectangle across the bottom. 

Make sure to go all the way to the edges, leaving part of the folds as the heart’s sides. This will keep the front and back of the heart connected. (If you’re using a paper towel roll, you’ll want to trim it to 4” tall, then follow the rest of the tutorial as written).

Image contains two empty toilet paper rolls, one of which is flattened with a heart shape sketched on top. A Tombow Pencil, Tombow MONO Drawing Pen, and adhesive runner sit nearby on a light pink background.

Step 2: Cut along your pencil lines, leaving the folded areas in tact.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a heart shape cut from a toilet paper roll. An adhesive runner sits behind it on a pink background.

Step 3: Cover the bottom with a strip of scrapbook paper.

Cut a piece of paper that is approximately 3/4” x 5 1/2.” Use your MONO Air Touch Adhesive to attach it to the bottom section of your project, wrapping it around to cover both sides. Not only is this adhesive permanent, it’s also acid free, making it a great choice for keepsake projects like this one. Plus, if you run out, you can purchase a refill instead of a whole new dispenser!

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a toilet paper roll cut into a heart shape with pink cardstock wrapped around the bottom.

Step 3: Cover one side of the heart with scrapbook paper.

Use the drawing pencil to trace your paper roll heart shape onto the back side of your patterned scrapbook paper. Then, draw a smaller heart on your coordinating solid paper. Next, cut out both hearts, and use MONO Air Permanent Adhesive to attach them to the paper roll, layering the smaller one on top.

Image contains Amy’s hand pressing heart shaped scrapbook paper onto the paper roll. An adhesive runner sits off to the side on a pink background.

Step 4: Hand letter a name on the smaller heart.

I used the Faux Calligraphy technique to write my name with a MONO Drawing Pen, size 005. To do this, simply write the name or word in your normal script, then go back and thicken the downstrokes (areas where your pen was moving down when writing) within each letter. For more detailed instructions, check out my Faux Calligraphy tutorial!

Image contains Amy’s hand holding the finished paper roll Valentine project on a white background. A MONO Drawing Pen and adhesive runner sit out of focus off to the side.

The front of your project is complete! Now, it’s time to add something extra special to the back, making this a reversible gift.

Step 5: Attach a photo to the heart on the back side.

Trace your paper roll heart onto the back of your photo, then cut along your pencil lines. Next, use MONO Air Touch Adhesive to attach the photo to the back side of your project.

Step 6: Write “love” or another message along the bottom.

Use the MONO Drawing Pen 005 to add a special message for your Valentine.

Image contains the back sides of the project, each with a heart shaped photo, and the word “love” written below. A MONO Drawing Pen and MONO Air Touch Adhesive sit behind them in the background on a white table.

This project is so much fun, because you can use it an a variety of ways. It can stand alone as a place card, or as a little piece of Valentine’s Day decor on a shelf, desk, coffee bar, or mantel. But that’s not all! A chocolate bar fits inside just perfectly, making it a fun way to give your friends and family a sweet treat.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding two chocolate bars, each with one of the finished paper roll projects slid onto it. A MONO Drawing Pen and MONO Air Touch Adhesive sit off to the side, out of focus.

No matter which side you decide to feature, this little handmade gift is sure to show just how much you care.

Image contains two chocolate bars, each with one of the paper roll Valentines slid onto it. The photo sides of the projects are visible. A MONO Air Touch adhesive runner sits beside them on a white background.

Who in your life would love to be on the receiving end of this keepsake on Valentine’s Day? Be sure to check out our other fun Valentine craft ideas, like this DIY S’mores Kit, and this free Heart Banner download!

Image contains two finished Valentine paper roll projects on a white background.

If you try making your own Paper Roll Valentines, be sure to share them and tag @tombowusa or use the hashtag #tombowusa so we can all be inspired by each other. Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Crafting!


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