Watercolor Lake Landscape Tutorial

Hello friends! I’m Smitha, and I love trying to capture the beautiful outdoors onto paper. Summer is here, and I’m sharing a colorful Watercolor Lake Landscape Tutorial today that will inspire you to recreate your travels and memories with paint. Using your Dual Brush Pens to create soft watery effects is so easy and satisfying!

Watercolor Lake Landscape Tutorial

What you will need:

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical_05

Step 1:

Adhere masking tape onto the 4 outer edges of your watercolor paper. This helps create a nice crisp white border around your artwork.

To create the look and feel of a lake, start with water. Paint the top 2/3rd of the page with just water. Apply a generous even layer of water.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

Step 2:

Next, scribble your Dual Brush Pen marker colors onto the Blending Palette. These markers have ink that is water based and create easy watercolor looks. Using the Blending Palette lets you create softer colors of watercolor and gives you more control on the control placement.

Pick the marker color onto your damp paintbrush and lightly touch to the water on the paper. The pigment color will spread immediately and create that moving water feel.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

Step 3:

Once the blues of the sky have been painted, add wisps of more color gently onto the wet paper. Make sure that the paper is wet to allow for the color to spread and blend gently. Paint a sun into place in a lighter color.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

Step 4:

The Dual Brush Pens are so versatile, you can also use them by applying the marker color directly to paper and then blending with water. This is great for blending and creating darker bolder colors.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

Step 5:

Let the water on the paper dry and then layer more color on top. This is an easy way to add more depth to your Watercolor Lake Landscape.

Onto the dry paper, carefully apply a few strokes of marker color directly where you want to add more details. Blend carefully with water making sure not to add too much water to the paper at this stage.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

I still like to add darker colors onto the Blending Palette and then pick up the watered down color to carefully paint onto paper. Repeat this over and over till you have a color composition that you like.

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical

Finally, add a point of interest like a boat or birds if you would like to. This is optional, I think just painting the lake itself is so much fun with watercolors!

2024-07_watercolor_smithakatti_DBP Tropical_03

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I hope you enjoyed this Watercolor Lake Landscape Tutorial and are inspired to take. your Dual Brush Pens outdoors and paint. Happy Crafting!



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