Adhesives – Perfect for the Office! 12

If you think Tombow adhesives are just for craft or school projects, think again! How many times have you had an office project pop-up and you found yourself poking around in the supply closet in looking for an adhesive? Well, Tombow has created quality adhesives for any situation. From our tried-and-true glue sticks to our MONO Multi Liquid Glue, you know that Tombow adhesive will help you get the job done.

Leave a comment and let us know how you use adhesives in the office.

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12 thoughts on “Adhesives – Perfect for the Office!

  • Denise

    I use Tombow for everything. But at work I haven’t had a need to use glue. Unless we are doing something crafty! Once in a while we do a little project…. I love my tombow glue and wouldn’t do a project without it!

  • steph

    i love the mono multi liquid glue for adhering paper to chipboard. i have not used it at work yet. i usually use a lot of tape. i may try it out at work some day.
    have a wonderful sunday!
    *hugs* steph 🙂

  • Debbie Fisher

    I LOVE Tombow glue! I’ve been using it for many years. For office it’s to glue the flaps of envelopes when the tacky has gone bad. Also for the kids for whatever they need it for. Ü Youngest collects postage stamps and is very creative and uses it for all kinds of projects.

  • Tamera

    I use my Tombow Mono Multi (or as I affectionately call it, my GREEN GLUE) for EVERY paper crafting project I do. It is my go to adhesive. I use it for paper, plastic, metal, photos, and even ribbons. It only takes a little and I LOVE that it stays tacky so I can remove things and replace them if I need to.

    Whenever I have a scrapbooking class, they always ask, what did you use to stick that on? And then they start to laugh and everyone says, “GREEN GLUE!” It is the best adhesive out there for paper crafting.

    I don’t like the blue Tombow glue for paper crafting. It’s too wet and takes too long to dry and it detroys things if I try to go back and lift them off. I’m a GREEN GLUE only kinda girl!!!


  • Janet W

    I use Tombo glue in our home office to seal envelopes, the self adhesive envelopes are not very secure.

  • Melinda Wilson

    I have a special drawer for all my adhesives and my family knows just where this drawer is! My son is majoring in graphic arts in college . . . so let’s just say he has had to replace several of my tombow adhesives since he used mine all up! My husband is always using my liquid glue to repair a part on a computer he is working on so as you can see, the whole family loves my adhesives!

  • Sarah

    i’ve used the MONO Aqua to repair broken trophies. just the other day, my son’s baseball trophy fell off the shelf and the bat part broke in half. put a little MONO Aqua and it held. strong stuff!

  • Jolaine

    My ‘office’ is my classroom. We use Tombow to keep cover sheets securely adhered to student portfolios. These portfolios travel with the kids from Kindergarten all the way to high school so the adhesive we use needs to be top notch. Tombow is just perfect for it!

  • Lisa Haas

    Tombow MONO Multi liquid glue is absolutely a must for all projects! I love the flow of the glue and the control you get when adhering a project together. I also love the hold this gives to things like buttons and other hard to hold items!