More Than Your Average Pen 2

Unnecessary stress and time added to your work day from an unorganized planner can make it difficult to work effectively at the office. Keeping an organized planner will help you prepare for the New Year and stay on top of all of your projects. Save time and increase productivity in your office with the help of Tombow’s MONO Correction Tape Pen Style.

The MONO Correction Tape Pen Style is the key to staying organized in 2011. The Pen Style applicator is easy to use and is available with fine-line or single-line correction tape. A protective sliding sleeve and comfort grip make the applicator easy to hold, just like a pen. Designed with a clip for securing in an organizer or briefcase it is easily accessible and available for use on the go. Break resistant and refillable, you can use this correction tape as often as you like.

The next time you go to reach for a pen to scratch out a rescheduled meeting or a cancelled appointment, stop yourself and grab the MONO Correction Tape Pen Style.

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