Stamp Runner and Refill Facebook Contest 4

Its contest time Bloggers!

Check out our Facebook page for your chance to win a FREE Tombow Stamp Runner and refill.

This is a MUST HAVE for any crafter.

Stamp Runner Contest


The Tombow Stamp Runner Dot pattern adhesive in dual function tape runner functions as a stamper or a traditional tape runner. Use stamping action to apply squares of adhesive for more precise placement or use as a tape runner for a strip of adhesive and full coverage. All in one adhesive – no need for photo splits, adhesive tabs or glue dots. Dot pattern initially repositionable, sets to a permanent bond.  Also available in solid strip permanent adhesive. Acid-free, photo-safe.


Good Luck Bloggers!




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4 thoughts on “Stamp Runner and Refill Facebook Contest

  • Kristen McMillan

    We need this to be for sale again. Why did you discontinue it? I do not like the other tape runners you sell. Very disappointed!!!!!

  • kitty

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