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2 thoughts on “Cat’s Song Stitchery #Tombow100

  • Rosita

    Oh WOW! That was a brave thing to do … and YES, being honest is the best thing … anhynitg less will turn around and bite you in the tushie!Ohhhh, did I ever mention that I met my DH online? Not through a dating site though, as we actually met in an online chat room … it was 3.5 years before we ever met in person. That might be a bit longer that you want to wait … but I was such a chicken! Our relationship continued online for over 6 years before we decided to join our lives together. Then lived together for a year before we were married.He is truly my Best Friend and our life together is a good one. On November 9th, we will celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary.Good Luck Shirley … I do wish you wonderful success in finding someone special in your life (you deserve it) … and I also wish you much fun in the process. =)Hugz,Carol