Easy DIY snowball ornament

Hey everyone! I’ve been crafting with my kids lately so for todays post we created these amazingly easy snowball ornament with googly eyes. What makes it easy is the tools used. Check out my sweet little snowball.


Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Tombow MONO multi Liquid glue

Tombow Adhesive dots

Large pom pom maker

small pom pom maker


googly eyes



The pom pom makers are really easy to use. Just simply wrap the ribbon around the two sides, close the maker, cut through the yarn and use a piece of string or yarn to tie it closed. Your pom pom maker should come with easy to follow steps.

Below you can see that I created two pom poms. One smaller to stack. Here is where I used the Tombow MONO multi liquid glue. I then pressed the two pom poms together and let them dry for about 15 minutes. This is the perfect time to prep your googly eyes and whip out a few more pom poms with the kids.

Other awesome uses for the Tombow MONO multi liquid glue and pom poms would be a wreath. Cut out a wreath shape from cardboad and load it up! Use different colors of yarn to match the occasion. The flat back is perfect for hanging.



Next you can add a couple of googly eyes. I used the Tombow Adhesive dots. The dots were a teesy too big so I folded it in half which worked perfect. Here is the little guy once more.


So fun!I can’t wait to make a ton more and have my kids give them to friends or attach them to anything for a random act of kindness. It would really put a smile on someones face. Give it a try today!

Thanks for stopping by. More to come tomorrow with Jennie.



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