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Happy Monday! This week the Tombow USA Design Team will share ideas to get organized! This is Jennie and today I will share with you how I organize my life at the beginning of each month. I need order in my surroundings because my brain is very scattered. Every single corner in my house is organized in a box, pouch, bag, drawer, shelf or place in the closet. I’m very organized and to stay on top of things at the end of each month I plan the next two months, which means that I review the plans that I had set for that month and plan the month after. I start with a list. This list is divided in things I do in my every day life, my crafty/design team member life and whatever is important that month, it could be birthday, Christmas, school, etc. Some people add chores but being at Stay At Home Mom chores are an automatic thing for me. Color coding in everything is a must for me so the Tombow Dual Brush Pens help a lot! In here I used my Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip to make my list extra pretty! Get Organized

Once I have my master list I do a long list with no colors, because this one will be set by priorities. Why no colors? Because I’m a mom and I also don’t take really good care of myself. If I see the green for personal appointments over blue which means something for school I will ignore my needs, and calling to make an appointment can be hassle so I will push it back and back until I can’t remember why I needed to go to the doctor. I won’t move to the next until I’m done with that task!

Get Organized

I have a planner kit that is always in my zipper pouch. I got this one at Freckled Fawn. Zipper pouches are a must in my craft room and other things around my house. You can see a quirky weird video of my planner contents HERE.

But my must have items on this kit are:

Another must in my organized life it’s a PLANNER! I’m not a super planner girl. I don’t decorate it much, I use it for functional purposes only. If you are into the super cute planning stuff check out Violet @imvintagerose on Instagram. She is a Tombow USA Ambassador and her planners are breathtaking.

My favorite thing to do in my planner is write my commitments in washi tape using the Tombow Mono Twin Permanent Adhesive. Washi is removable so if I have to move a date I just remove and re-stick the washi. I also like icon stickers to bring to attention special dates. Icon stamps are cute but these are so much faster to use and less messy. This planner has pockets on the sides where I keep my memorabilia until I use it in my project life. I use a Carpe Diem Planner from Simple Stories but you can use any planner that fits your organization needs.

Get Organized

I need lists EVERYWHERE! I call my planner my brain because my real brain is really forgetful. In this board in craftroom/office I always write 4-5 I need to do ASAP! To put this board in my wall I used the Tombow Mounting Putty. To put the wallet with memory cards and the dry erase marker I use a Tombow Fastener TabGet Organized

If I don’t put this marker on the wall with a Tombow Fastener Tab it can be kidnapped by a certain 3 year old that loves to write on herself and walls. Not my daughter, she is an angel. 😉 Get Organized

I forgot how important my system was until I was on vacation and August said hello and I left my notebook at home. I’m still trying to recover from the organization disaster! It only takes a few minutes to get organized and then you can enjoy the month with less worries.

How are you using Tombow to organize your life? Show us using the #tombowusa and tag us @tombowusa. Get Organized Pinterest

Come back tomorrow to see how Beth gets organized!

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