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Join Tombow's 2018 Design Team! Apply today!

We’re excited to announce our open call for submissions to become part of our 2018 Design Team! In 2018, we’re looking for crafters located in the United States and Canada with a passion for using Tombow products in new and unique ways. Below you’ll find information about the program, but if you have any questions regarding details of the program or the submission process please send them to by August 25, 2017. All questions will be answered via email by September 1, 2017.

Design Team Perks

  • You will be supplied with an ample stash of Tombow products throughout the year
  • You will have first access to any new Tombow products launched throughout the year
  • You will receive in-person product training in January 2018 and supplementary online training throughout the year
  • You will receive products from our partners throughout the year
  • You will be compensated monthly for your Design Team work
  • You will have first access to giveaway opportunities, workshop sponsorships and demonstration requests
  • You will have your name, bio, headshot and link to your personal blog + social accounts on the Tombow USA blog for the entire year
  • Your work will be featured on the Tombow USA blog twice per month; all blog posts are also shared on Tombow USA’s Facebook page and Pinterest account
  • Your work will be featured on the Tombow USA Instagram and Twitter accounts twice per month

Design Team Expectations

  • Use Tombow products in your projects and link to the Tombow USA website and blog whenever possible.
  • Actively promote Tombow products and promotions. This includes social media participation – regularly liking/sharing Tombow’s posts and other Design Team member posts using Tombow products.
  • Create 2 blog posts and 2 Instagram posts for Tombow’s accounts each month (4 total posts); to be turned in to Tombow at pre-determined deadlines.
  • Link to the Tombow USA blog on your own blog or website.
  • Membership lasts January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

Application Process

The application process is completed in two rounds. Detailed explanation of the application process can be found in this downloadable Tombow 2018 Design Team Application.

Round 1 Submission Requirements:

Post a minimum of 3 projects on your own blog, including step-by-step instructions. Please choose projects that showcase your style, talent and range. Projects must include at least 1 Tombow product. You may submit projects that have been published on your blog anytime from January 1, 2017 through September 10, 2017.

Your Round 1 Submission should be emailed to no later than end of day on September 11, 2017. Late submissions will not be considered. Your submission email should include:

  • URLs/links to your 3 projects
  • Entry form PDF filled out in its entirety (download here)
  • Your resume. If you do not have one, please list the past and present Design Teams you have been a member of. (Previous membership on a Design Team is not required.)

Finalists will be announced on the Tombow USA blog on September 25, 2017.

Round 2 Submission Requirements:

If you are selected as a finalist, Tombow will provide you with a special Tombow product (or products) to use in your Round 2 project submission. You may use other Tombow products alongside the product(s) you receive from us if you wish. Finalists must create 1 project on their own blog for their Round 2 submission.

Email the URL/link to your blog post to by end of day on October 13, 2017. Late submissions will not be considered.

Our 2018 Design Team members will be announced on the Tombow blog on October 30, 2017.

Thank you and good luck to you all! Spread the word to all of your creative friends and don’t forget to download the application packet!

Join Tombow's 2018 Design Team! Apply today!

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6 thoughts on “Announcing our 2018 Design Team Call Out

  • Marcela Melara Zacapa

    Hello, I am actually from Honduras but would like for you to consider me as your central and Latin American representative. You can find me on social media as @elarmariohn. I am more of an interior designer but do list of calligraphy as well. If you are ever interested I would love to do something together.

  • Umm Majeed

    Is there anything like this avaluable for folks outside of the US and Canada? We use and love your products as well ?

  • Sandra chavez

    I’m a beginner and have thought of trying to team up with a calligrapher to show the phases and that anyone can learn stokes for brush letters..?????

  • Asdfghjkl

    Lol. I wanna try but my calligraphy skills are for basics haha. I’m trainer. Beginner. Maybe I’ll try next next year? If you have one. Lol

  • Maya

    I really wish I could join this because I always wanted to be a part of the tombow team but im not from USA or Canada and im probably too young to join this :(??