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Hello friends, it’s Smitha!  Today, I am sharing how I’m using my Passion Planner this year. I’m going to share a few tricks I have to fill up my planner page spread each week that you might find useful.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

Material list:

This year, I am using a smaller weekly planner. I chose the smaller size because I wanted it to be more portable. I will use it at my table, before bed or take it with me to the library. It’s only January, but I am totally loving the smaller size already!

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

On the weeks that I don’t have much planned, I like to use the “Space of Infinite Possibilities” to do some art or letter a quote. I usually jot down my notes in this area, but here I doodled a little birdie for the new year.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

To keep my colors light and to create a simple blended look, I used the Colorless Blender Pen N00. By touching the tip of the Colorless Blender to a colorful Dual Brush Pen, I can easily control how much ink I bring to the page. This is a great way to create soft pastel like tones from bright colored markers.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

I outlined my illustration with a Twin Tip Fudenosuke Brush Pen. By applying light pressure to the brush tip, you can create delicate outlines. The Twin Tip Fudenosuke Brush Pen is a great pen for your planner.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

Since this smaller Passion Planner has narrower lines than the regular, I found the 0.5mm lead of the MONO Graph Pencil to work perfectly. The size of the lead is narrow enough for me to pencil in my words. I personally like and reach for pencils more than pens in my planner. However, you can also use MONO Drawing Pens 05, 03 or 01 to write down here.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

I absolutely LOVE that each week spread comes with an inspiring quote. I enjoy these quotes and often will highlight them with a light colored Dual Brush Pen.

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

Here’s a look at my finished weekly spread. This was a light week/I was still getting accustomed to my new planner. I’m happy with  how it looks! Everything is organized, colorful and makes me smile!

Passion Planner Tips Smitha Katti

I hope you enjoyed reading this post today!


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One thought on “Passion Planner Weekly Spread Ideas

  • Hollie Hewitt

    Yesterday I went to a yoga class where I was practicing deep relaxation with a resourceful memory. On the way home, one of the practitioners complained that not only did the memory not come to her, she couldn’t even relax properly!
    When asked “What’s the matter?” she said that her work occupied all her thoughts. I asked her if she had a day planner and the answer was no.
    I was once in the same situation – I was very worried about work. At the time, I was working for a writing company where I was do my papers on and doing dozens of jobs every day. I was trying to keep it all in my head and it got to the point where I started dreaming about excel spreadsheets! That’s when I said to myself, “Enough!”
    From that moment on, I decided that as soon as I walked out the office door – I forgot where I worked and what issues there were. I NEVER take work (any work) home. And I write everything in my diary.
    You wrote a great post, I will definitely take your advice.