Travel Journaling with Irojiten Colored Pencils

Hey everyone, Katie here from Studio Katie  to teach you how I like to use colored pencils in my travel journal! I have a trip to Puerto Rico coming up, and I’ll be bringing along my Irojiten Colored Pencils, and Dual Brush Pens along in my backpack to do some art in my downtime.

Travel Journaling with Irojiten Colored Pencils:

a flat lay of a travel journal and @tombowusa Irojiten Colored Pencils

But first, Did you know you can “mix” over 70 colors with the Irojiten Colored Pencil, 12-Pack Set in Vivid?

By layering different colors over each other, you can create new colors. Look at the color chart below, where I mixed each of the colors included in the Vivid set:

a color chart with 70+ shades showing how you can layer @tombowusa Irojiten Colored Pencils

How to use Colored Pencils:

There are also SO MANY different ways that you can use colored pencils!

You can layer them lightly to create gradients and mix colors. You can also use the N00 Colorless Blender Dual Brush Pen to blend colors together by going over them lightly with the clear ink. This will burnish the pigments, working them into the paper and blending them slightly.

I demonstrated some of the ways to sketch with pencils below:

Examples of how to use Colored Pencils: Creating Gradients with and without Tombow's N00 Colorless Blender, Stippling, Hatching, Cross Hatching, Scumbling, and Layering

Okay, now let’s grab our travel journals and sketch!


I am sketching a scene from Puerto Rico, they have the most fun, colorful buildings!

Step one:

Lightly sketch out your scene with the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just quickly sketch out the main shapes!

Sketching an urban scene in a travel journal with @tombowusa MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil

Step two:

Use a MONO Drawing Pen to add in a little more details, or outline the shapes. This is absolutely optional, but I love the look of black outlines because they add a nice contrast to the art.

Ink the urban scene with a @tombowusa MONO Drawing Pen

Step three:

Use Dual Brush Pens to add a base color. this is also optional, you can just jump right into colored pencils if you prefer. I like to add the base color with Dual Brush Pens, because they add a nice pop of color underneath the colored pencils and help to hide the white of the paper!

Coloring your drawing with @tombowusa Dual Brush Pens Just Peachy 6-Pack

Step four:

Grab your Irojiten Colors Pencils, and start layering on top of the markers! As I mentioned in the last step, the marker base helps to hide the white paper, but then you can add so much more visual “texture”, and shades with the colored pencils.

The Irojiten Colored Pencils have a strong pigment, which means they have a beautiful deep color that stays crisp and vibrant when blending and layering them.

Layering colored pencils over top of the Dual Brush Pen ink

Step five:

Layer, Layer, Layer! As you saw in my color chart at the top of this post, you can create 70+ different shades and tones with just these 12 pencils by layering them.

If you’re sketching an urban scene in your travel journal like I am, Try scumbling and layering in the shadow areas to add a lot of nice visual texture to the scene.

a travel journal laying next to @tombowusa Irojiten Colored Pencils Vivid 12-Pack

Examples of how to use Colored Pencils

A Travel Journal Page by @studio.katie, laying next to a color chart and @tombowusa Irojiten Colored Pencils

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