Artist’s Corner – Fun-filled fantasies with Shojo Dual Brush Pen 2

We promised you a manga illustration and a Tombow Tale in our May 27 post, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get! This illustration, created by Nate Morris, is featured on the packaging for our Shojo Dual Brush Pen Set.

We were so inspired by the illustration that we created a Tombow Tale to tell the story of how this wonderful drawing came to be. Check out the story below and tell us what you think of Yumiko and her magical Shojo Dual Brush Pen Set.

Tombow Tales

Yumiko raced down the sidewalk anxious to get home. Her father had returned from his business trip just in time for her birthday, and she couldn’t wait to see what he brought her. She burst through the front door and bound up the staircase barely missing the tail of her beloved cat, Neko, who was napping lazily on the top step. Exhausted and out of breath, she rushed into her father’s study.

“Father,” she squealed as she jumped into his lap! “I’m so glad you’re home! What did you bring me?”

“Hello to you too little Yumiko,” said Mr. Tanaka.  

“Hi Father,” said Yumiko. “What did you get me for my birthday?”

“Your gift is in your room,” her father replied, while chuckling at his daughter’s impatience. “When I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for my little princess.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!,” Yumiko cried. And, as quickly as she entered the study, she left for her room.”

As Yumiko opened her door, she spotted a beautiful art table full of colorful paper and new Tombow Shojo Dual Brush Pens. Yumiko could barely contain her excitement as she skipped towards the table.  Written on the first sheet of paper was a note from her father that read “To my little princess – Remember that there is nothing that cannot be achieved by firm imagination.”

Smiling brightly, Yumiko turned to the next clean sheet of paper eager to start letting her creativity flow.

“What do I draw first?,” she contemplated aloud. Just then she felt Neko brush up against her leg trying to get her attention. “Neko, you’ll be my first subject,” Yumiko declared. “And, I’ll even add a little bandage on your tail!”

With that, Yumiko enthusiastically begin to sketch her very own magical land of lush, rolling hills where unicorns roamed aimlessly and a castle that was inhabited by Neko and his many feline friends.

Yumiko stopped to admire her work, but it was missing something. “What’s a magical land without a special princess to rule it?,” she asked. This princess possessed a magical Dual Brush Pen that allowed her to change the color of anything that she desired. White unicorns, turned purple, yellow cats become green, with the magical pen, the possibilities were endless.

“Perfect,” Yumiko said. She tore the page from her notebook and hung it on her wall. As she stepped back to admire her artwork, she realized her dad was right. Through her imagination – and her Shojo Dual Brush Pens – anything is possible!

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