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I had lots of scraps laying around while creating Valentine Cards and decided to make some notepads. These are the ones made with a 5″ x 8″ jr. legal pad cut in half length wise.

The scraps are from Bo Bunny’s “A Gift of Love” line”. The “Just a Note” ticket is a digital one I found online.

I have a fun little Tombow glue tip for you that I got from my friend Bridget. She said I could share, but to be sure to let you know it is not her original idea and she didn’t remember where she had seen it.

Break a toothpick in half and apply Tombow’s Mono Multi Liquid Glue to the broken ends and let dry. When it is dry it is very tacky. In the photo you can see where I poked holes in a piece of egg carton to hold my tacky toothpicks.

Now you have the perfect little “tools” to pick up tiny pieces. I love this tip! Here I layed out my flower brads (that I have cut the brad tongs off) where I want them.

Next, I pick up the first flower with the tacky toothpick and apply Tombow glue to the back and then adhere back to the note pad where I want it to go.

All you need to do is use your fingernail or another tool to release the flower from the tacky toothpick. This works really well with tiny punched pieces and is what I did to adhere these tiny hearts in this project.

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