A Nest for All Seasons #tombow100

“A Nest for All Seasons” is a blog that is maintained by Amy Renea. Amy  lives in Hershey, PA with her husband and three little boys. She has a cat named Thor and 4 chickens.

According to Amy,   ‘A Nest for All Seasons‘ is about Food, Photography, DIY Design and Modern Garden Living.  “What you might not notice at first is how closely tied my posts are to the passing seasons.  I live seasonally, with windows open and doors flung wide even when they shouldn’t be, teas made from whatever happens to be growing in the garden each night, fresh eggs for breakfast in the morning.  …but the regular old seasonal seasons isn’t all there is to it.”

Check out these Jelly Tags she created for the 100 days of Tombow Program.

lilac jelly


Check out how Amy created these Lilac Jelly tags for the 100 days of Tombow Program!

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