Laura Loo Loo StickyU 6

This year Tombow is introducing Sticky University AKA StickyU !
TOM-14034-Sticky U_R2

The primary focus is to teach craft aficionados how to create works of art that stick by using Tombow’s latest adhesive product, Xtreme. This adhesive is 5 X’s Stronger than our standard tape runner. It works on a variety of hard to glue surfaces such as cardstock, cork, wood, fabric, glass, plastic and rubber. We will also be using #StickyU for all the fun projects!

Our First Sticky U Project was created by Laura Williams!

We at Tombow LOVE Laura!
She is always coming up with creative and fun ways to use our products and her Sticky U project was no exception.
Check out these FUN Sunglasses she jazzed up for the Fourth of July with Xtreme!
Laura WilliamsWe know you want to know just how she created these!
Click here to see her post blog!

Keep up with Tombow’s Sticky University crafts by searching #StickyU on our Social Media

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