Lettering Week with Beth Watson – You are my Sunshine!

Lettering is definitely something that I LOVE, but don’t spend enough time DOING, so I was super excited when we were given this assignment.
One of my favorite songs is “You are my Sunshine”, so taking that as my inspiration, I created this art piece featuring the words to the song!
Tombow Lettering Week!


I started out with a sketch of what I wanted to create.  Most of the time these are just doodles that I draw with notes, so I can remember an idea that I want to create later.  I find this step very important in my creative process, especially as I get older!  It’s also a good exercise in drawing and fuels my creativity when I am feeling uninspired!  I have grown to love appreciate my handwriting, in all of its forms, but it took a lot of practice to get to that point.  I personally think that a sketchbook and/or journal helps with that process.  I like the relatively inexpensive 8” by 10” hard cover spiral bound sketchbooks and I normally am using several at one time.
TIP:  Look for them when they go on sale at the big box stores and stock up!  Then I don’t feel bad about ripping out the pages.
Draw the outline of your design lightly in pencil first, using the MONO Drawing Pencil Set, so that you have a starting point.
Next, lay in the background colors with Tombow Dual Tip Pens in Yellows and Oranges from the Bright and Muted Sets.  Blend with the Tombow Dual Tip Blending Pen until desired effect is achieved.
Followed by the primary lettering in my “handwriting” font with the Brush Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen – I used Black N15 from the Muted Set.
TIP:  Again, you can draw your design lightly in pencil first.
Add the secondary lettering with the Nip Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen in a different style.  I used my “printed” font here to create another layer of interest.
Next, add the remainder of the text in a creative way.  I chose to write the rest of the lyrics around the sun in my handwriting font with the Nip Tip of the Tombow Dual Tip Pen.
Finally, accent the piece with additional doodles using the fine and broad tips of the Mono Twin Permanent Marker.
Here are a few detailed shots – I LOVE the way that this piece turned out and I just might frame it!
03-15 LETTERING 7  03-15 LETTERING 8
What can you create from your favorite song lyrics?  I think “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is next on my list!
Check out more of my Creative Lettering on my INSTAGRAM!
Thanks for stopping by! –Beth

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