Color Wheel Week!!

It’s Color Wheel Week on the Tombow Blog!!

The Tombow Design Team will WOW you with their inspiring projects all week, using the color wheel!  I have a color wheel that I bought years ago for only a few dollars.  It is a resource every artist/crafter should have.   For my project this week, I used my color wheel to pick 4 colors to use while coloring a page from Joanne Fink’s “Zenspirations” coloring book.  They are red, green, violet blue and orange yellow.  In a million years I would never have picked these colors but I think they look awesome together!!



I started by picking a page out of my Zenspirations book and used my color wheel to tell me what Tombow Recycled Colored Pencils to use.    I also got my Tombow Blender Pen out, so i could blend my pencil marks away.

I chose to go with a Square Tetrad color combo,  which is a pair of primary/secondary colors and a pair of tertiary colors.  Red and green are primary complimentary colors and orange yellow and violet blue are tertiary colors.  Primary colors are red, yellow and blue.  Secondary colors are orange, green and violet (purple).  Tertiary colors are a primary color mixed with a secondary color. You can google “Color Wheel” and you will find tons of information.


Do those colors look like they would match?  Like I said, I would never have picked those colors to use at the same time.  But the color wheel was right!

I colored my flowers with violet blue and used my blender to smooth out my pencil lines.


I am so in love with this!!  It is so amazing, the color wheel was right!!  The deep richness of the colors play off each other in a way I never thought they would.  Not only will I use this color combination again, I will definitely consult my color wheel more often!

I hope you play with different color combinations this week!!  I’d love to hear what awesome combinations you find on the color wheel!


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