Inspired By Music Week

This week on the Tombow Blog, the theme is “Inspired By Music”!

Since September is Classical Music Month and National Piano Month, “Inspired By Music” seemed like the perfect theme for this week!  I made a super easy, DIY Home Decorating project.



My son plays the trumpet so I have old sheet music books of his.  I photocopied a page from one of those books onto white cardstock and cut it to fit my frame.  Then I go my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and my Tombow OLNO Mechanical pencil out and got to work!

I made a half inch border all around the sheet music with my OLNO pencil.  This pencil is soooo awesome! It has a super comfortable grip and you only need to bend the pencil a little to get more lead!  You can also use the pencil top to get more lead. There is an eraser in the top too. This is a great all around pencil!  I also made some lines so I could keep my words evenly spaced.

I love lettering and have been practicing it for years.  BUT, I am still chicken.  I always write in pencil before committing to ink.  I am still practicing and will be for a long time.  So I wrote my words with my OLNO pencil and went over it with my black Dual Brush Pen.  Getting thick and thin lines is really easy with the brush side of the dual brush pen.  It makes lettering so much easier!

I colored in the open areas in the sheet music with a yellow Dual brush Pen, so it would look like sunshine!

A little DIY project like this one for “Inspired By Music” week is so easy and makes such a nice accent to a shelf, bookcase or table. Every time someone in your family looks at it, they will know they are your sunshine!!  I hope you try a project like this for yourself.  There are tons of sites online that you can get free sheet music from.  And try the OLNO pencil and Dual Brush Pens out too!!  You will love them!!



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