DIY Paper Flowers by Smitha Katti

Hi! I’m Smitha and you if have crafted with me before, you will know I love flowers. If you haven’t crafted with me, no worries, stop by my blog SmilingColors and you will know what I mean. So as I was thinking about this blog post, wondering what I could create with paper and glue- DIY Paper flowers were the obvious choice!


The Tombow MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue is just the right glue for these flowers. I like that the Multi XL glue is larger is size, makes it perfect for craft enthusiasts like me. To make these flowers also grab a selection of papers- cardstocks, patterned papers etc, whatever you have on hand.


First lets make the leaves. I know the blog post says DIY Paper Flowers, but a flower isn’t a flower without a leaf peeking out from beneath.

Using a pair of scissors hand cut various leaf shapes. If you have a die cut machine or punch, use those to make the leaf shapes if you wish. I love to add a little oomph to my paper leaves by glueing a patterned paper leaf onto a plain colored leaf. Just add a few lines of the Multi XL to glue the two leaf shapes together. This brings a touch of dimension and interest to our basic leaf shape.


Let’s move onto the Paper flowers now. To make pretty paper flowers, you need a lot of paper petals. I used a paper punch here, and punched out a whole bunch of petals. To assemble the flower, start by adding a big dollop of the Multi XL glue in the center, and start placing the petals into the glue.


To make a large dimensional flower you need to add a few layers of petals at least. To do this all you need to do is add more of the Multi XL glue in the center, add another layer of petals. Repeat till you have enough layers in your flower. Once the glue dries, the petals will hold together strongly and your flower can be shaped by bending or curling the petals slightly.


As a finishing touch, add a few dots of the Multi XL glue in the center of the flower to hold sequins, beads or anything shiny and small.


Thats it! You can repeat this process by mixing and matching different papers to create a paper garden of your own! If you were to make these DIY Paper flowers, what would you use them for? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers


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