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Hello everyone, Adrienne from @studio80design here today to show you how to draw Halloween Candy Corn lettering! October is here and I’m excited for all things fall and Halloween. I hope you are too, let’s get started!

Materials you’ll need:


Step 1

First sketch out a large shape of candy corn with your pencil on your scratch paper. It doesn’t have to be precise, just a general sketch. Then write out your saying inside the candy corn shape. I wrote out “Trick or treat yourself.” Play around with flourishes on your letters to try and fill in all the spaces of the candy corn.

Step 2

Once you get the design just how you like it, place your tracing paper on top of your scratch paper and use your Fudenosuke Brush Pen to write out your lettering. I wanted my letters to be thick, so I used two downward strokes on each letter. Then add some fillers, like circles and flourishes, to fill out the shape of a candy corn. Make sure to not draw the outside lines of the candy corn, we’re going to let the smaller shapes create the overall shape!

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 3

Step 3

Put an 8×10 piece of card stock paper on top of your tracing paper and place both onto your Circuit BrightPad or tape to a bright window. With your pencil, lightly trace the outline of your lettering and shapes.

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 4

Step 4

After lightly erasing some of the lines, start coloring in your design with a light layer of color! I drew two horizontal lines through my design to create a guide for each of the colors. To create the candy corn image, use white, orange, and yellow colored pencils. I started at the bottom and worked my way up!

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 5

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 6

Step 5

After you’ve lightly colored in the first layer of color, use your MONO Drawing Pen to outline the design. This will help your white area pop so it doesn’t blend in with the white paper.

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 7

Step 6

Go back in with your colored pencils and apply a darker layer of color, making sure to stay within your guides and completely fill in your letters. Erase any extra pencil marks with your eraser, and you’re done! I plan to frame my piece and hang in my home for a little Halloween decoration!

Halloween Candy Corn Lettering_Adrienne 8


I hope you enjoyed this fun how to draw candy corn lettering tutorial! For more inspiration like this, make sure you check out @studio80design!


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  • Iren

    That is so cute 🙂 Have a good day!! Love your supplies! Also, that would be cool if you guys did a raffle where people enter by commenting and you guys pic a winner and they win cool art supplies!! 😀