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Hi everyone, Adrienne from Studio 80 Design here today to show you how to create a fun asymmetrical bullet journal weekly layout using the new Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors! I absolutely love the 12 new colors, and together they create a beautiful color palette! I also love the new roll-up case that came in the recent Tombow VIP Club Box, it can hold 12 Dual Brush Pens and everything extra you may need in the zipper pocket. Let’s get started!

Materials you’ll need:

Step 1

Sketch out seven rectangles for the days of the week in the middle of your dot grid journal with your pencil and ruler. I used my gorgeous journal from Archer and Olive! Each rectangle is six squares across, and which creates seven evenly spaced rectangles across the spread.

Step 2

With your pencil, sketch out “December” in big block letters. Later, I’ll show you how to create a fun pattern inside these letters!

Step 3

Using the 12 new Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors and a larger ruler, draw a line from one dot on the bottom left to another dot at the top right of the page. Make sure not to draw in the boxes for the days of the week. Then vary the colors and draw lines down the page, going down one dot at a time. You’ll start to notice the asymmetry of the lines – the lines will be closer to gather at the bottom left and wider at the top right. The symmetry will reverse as we continue to go up the page.

Step 4

Fill up the rest of the page with lines, varying the Dual Brush Pen colors to create a pattern. Again, make sure to not draw the lines inside the rectangles we will be using for the days of the week. Then erase the rectangle guides, and you’ll see the lines we created define the days of the week rectangles!

Step 5

Using the Fudenosuke Hard Tip Brush Pen, outline your “December” header at the top of the page and add a shadow to the bottom right side . Then draw in the dates at the top of each rectangle. Erase any extra pencil marks.

Step 6

Now it’s time to create our fun letter pattern! Using a few of the new Dual Brush Pen colors, scribble messy sections inside each letter. This process is fun because it doesn’t have to be perfect, just laying down the color works!

Step 7

Continue to add all the colors until your letters are all colored in! Make sure to vary the colors, so the letters are all different from each other.

Step 8

Last, I used the darkest color to draw in the shadow and add in a few smaller line details to each letter. And that’s it! I love how this page turned out!

The new colors of Dual Brush Pens are so beautiful and I am so glad they are now part of the Tombow family! And this color palette is giving me a bright, Holiday theme for my bullet journal! Now to start planning all our December activities!

Thanks for following along today! If you want to see more inspiration like this, make sure to follow me @studio80design!


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