Easy Birthday Cake Banner Tutorial

Hello friends, it’s Smitha here today with a simple tutorial. The other day, I had to scramble last minute to make a cake topper to make a family member’s birthday special. I’ll show you how you can make one in this tutorial.


Material list:


Step 1:

Trim cardstock down to small rectangles. You can use a paper trimmer instead. Whatever is easier to find and use.


Step 2:

Add a line of color to the bottom of each rectangle using a Dual Brush Pen. Paint over it quickly with the Water Brush. Fold each rectangle into half.


Step 3:

While the watercolor dries, tie a few strands of twine onto a skewer. Make sure that your skewer is long enough to fit into the depth of your cake.


Step 4:

Adhere the cardstock onto itself while trapping the twine in between using the MONO Adhesive + Permanent. Space out your letters equally onto the twine.


Step 5:

Repeat this in another color to make the word “birthday” and enjoy your little cake banner!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy crafting!


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