How to Start Making Handmade Cards 1

Everything you need to know about getting started making handmade cards.

How to Start Making Handmade Cards

Hi friends, it’s Natalie from I began my adventure in blogging and crafting by making handmade cards. It’s the perfect craft to make and send to friends to bring a smile to their face. Make a few to keep on hand and use when the opportunity arises. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started making handmade cards.

Supplies needed for making handmade cards

Supplies Needed for Basic Handmade Cards:

Simple handmade cards to make using Tombow Art Supplies

Step 1: Cut and Score Cards

Begin by cutting a standard piece of paper in half. Then score the pieces in half with a score board or with a ruler and stylus.

Cardstock scored to make handmade cards

Step 2: Create a Background

Make a background on the paper using whichever Tombow products you desire.

Add a background to handmade cards in several varieties.

Option 1: Watercolor Wash Background

Supplies Needed:

How to do a watercolor wash background on a handmade card

Start by scribbling the Dual Brush Pens on the Blending Palette.


Use the blending palette for a watercolor wash effect on a handmade card

Then, spritz the Blending Palette with the Spray Bottle.

Spritz the blending palette and dual brush markers ink for the perfect watercolor wash background

Then, place the Blending Palette on the card and press gently.

Press the blending palette on the folded cardstock card

Remove the blending palette and let the card background dry.

Rainbow watercolor wash made with dual brush pens and blending palette.

Option 2: ABT PRO Marker Design

Begin by coloring random shapes on the front face of the card using the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers.

ABT Pro alcohol ink markers colored in splotches on handmade card.

Then, use MONO Drawing Pen 03 to doodle little shapes and patterns around the colored shapes.

Draw shapes and doodles on the cardstock for a cute handmade card.

Option 3: TwinTone Pattern Background

Begin by drawing a scallop pattern across the top of the front of the card. Repeat the pattern with alternating TwinTone Marker colors. Use a ruler and draw geometric patterns, lines or other doodles on the card.

Color the background of a card with the Twintone pens

Step 3: Add Hand Lettering Text to Handmade Cards

Adding text finishes off the cards with a beautiful sentiment. This can be done a few ways. If you aren’t confident with your hand lettering, learn bounce lettering with this tutorial.

Option 1: Hand Lettering Directly on the Card

Use the Fudenosuke Brush Pen to write a sentiment on the card. This is a great finished card that mails easily with no extra effort. Make a bunch and then letter the sentiment as needed.

Use the fudenosuke brush pen to add a sentiment to the handmade card

Option 2: Foam Raised Sentiment

Begin by cutting a small piece of cardstock and hand letter the sentiment on the paper. Then, use the Tombow Foam Tape and add a strip to the back of the sentiment.

Adhere a sentiment to a handmade card using Tombow foam tape

Then, adhere the sentiment to the card. This is a helpful technique if there’s a mistake on the background that needs covering or balance. See how great this card looks with the text!?

Handmade card with foam tape for dimension.

Option 3: Cardstock Frame Mounted Lettering

Lastly, this option is my favorite. Cut a piece of colored paper 1/4 inch larger than a piece of white cardstock. Hand letter a sentiment on the white cardstock. Use the MONO Permanent Adhesive to adhere the white cardstock to the colored paper, leaving a small border around the edge.

Add a sentiment to a handmade card.

Then, use the Foam Tape to adhere the sentiment to the card.

Use colored paper to add a frame to a sentiment for a handmade card.

Place the sentiment anywhere on the card. This Foam Tape is still perfect to send through the mail. There is no extra postage needed.

Make handmade cards and send a smile to a friend.

Finally, add any embellishments that you like. Adding embellishments will make the card trickier to mail through the standard post. Just take it to the post office and they’ll do the rest. These embellished cards are great to deliver to neighbors, on a gift or to pass in person without worrying about postage. More tips and tricks on sending happy mail in this post.

Add embellishments to a handmade card as desired.

Before you know it, you’ll be making cards for every occasion! I love making handmade cards. Now, I give packages of blank handmade cards as gifts too.

Getting started making handmade cards and everything you need to know about making them.

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Share your handmade cards on social media and tag @tombowusa and @doodlecraft, so we can cheer you on!

How to make Handmade Cards for beginners.


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