DIY Monogrammed Tea Towel Tutorial 1

Hello friends, this is Smitha! I’m personalizing a handmade gift and sharing an easy DIY monogrammed tea towel tutorial with you all. These would make great gifts for teachers, friends, or co-workers!

DIY Monogrammed Tea Towel Tutorial

Material list:

Smitha Katti ABT Pro on Fabric

Watch the Video Tutorial

Click the video box below, or head over to Youtube to watch how I use these ABT PRO Markers on Fabric.

Step 1:

First, sketch out your monogram onto a piece of paper using the bullet tip of Dual Brush Pen N15. Place your tea towel on top of it and center. Using the brush tip of the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker, start tracing the design onto your tea towel

TIP: I found it helpful to slightly stretch the fabric between the two fingers of my left hand while coloring.

Smitha Katti ABT Pro on Fabric

Step 2:

Once you have all of the elements colored in your design, go ahead and draw a thin outline using the chisel tip of the ABT PRO Marker. Remember, alcohol markers will bleed slightly when used on fabrics.

Smitha Katti ABT Pro on Fabric

That’s it! Our DIY monogrammed tea towel is ready to be gifted! You can personalize these with different themes and color schemes.

Smitha Katti ABT Pro on Fabric

What do you think of this DIY? Have you tried using your ABT PRO Markers on fabric before? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Happy crafting!


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