5 Reasons to Love the Self-Care Journaling Kit 14

Hello friends, I’m Smitha, and I want to share the new Tombow Self-Care Journaling Kit with you. It’s so relaxing to use and would make a great gift for anybody!

Self Care Journaling

The new Self-Care Journaling Kit comes with everything you need to simply sit down, relax and create. It also comes in a beautiful package that is gift ready. Let me show more details about this kit!

Self Care Journal Set

The kit includes 10 Dual Brush Pens in a soft, soothing color palette, one black TwinTone Marker, and a special booklet. The 30-page instructional booklet includes journaling techniques and 250+ self-care illustrations and prompts. The kit also includes 148 decorative stickers!

Self Care Journaling Set Tombow

5 reasons why I love the Self-Care Journaling Kit:

  1. The Marker colors included are a calm color palette that invites you to sit down and draw.
  2. The instruction booklet includes many inspiring prompts and doodling ideas that are simple for anyone to draw. Instead of looking at a blank page and feeling overwhelmed, you can simply flip through the instruction booklet and see what inspires you and start from there.
  3. There are stickers included in the kit that emote the self-ccare theme beautifully!
  4. I love adding a thin black outline to my doodles, and if you are like me, you will love the black TwinTone Marker included in the kit.
  5. The theme of Self-Care Journaling Kit is not limited by age. I can easily see myself sitting down with my mother and daughter at the kitchen table and all drawing in our journals.

Dual Brush Pens

Along with this kit, the Learn to Doodle Kit is also a great option for a gift idea! These kits would be great for the young tweens, teenagers, teachers, aunts, and uncles in your life!

Self Care Journaling

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14 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love the Self-Care Journaling Kit

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  • Jeanne

    Love the colors, especially the purple one (reminding me of the smell of lavender.) I am currently working on my own gratitude journal where I am planning to write affirmations for letting go of my self-limiting thoughts, and ten things I am grateful for each day. I’ll definitely buy this fantastic kit! 🙂

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  • jeffreestar

    it seems like a thoughtful and well-designed kit that would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in self-care and creative journaling. Thanks for introducing us to the Tombow Self-Care Journaling Kit!


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