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Summer is the perfect time for all things beach-themed! I’m Amy, from Amy Latta Creations, and I’ve got an inexpensive project idea that lets you craft with natural materials and bring a little bit of the beach into your home. Let’s create this Decoupaged Shell Jewelry Dish together.

Image is a collage of project images showing the finished decoupaged shell jewelry dishes sitting on a blue batik fabric background. It contains the project title text and is intended for Pinterest.

How to Create a Decoupaged Shell Jewelry Dish

This is a quick and easy project that only requires a few basic supplies. Plus, you can totally customize how it looks based on the napkins you choose to use! Grab the materials listed below, and let’s get started.

Image contains four decoupaged seashell jewelry dishes sitting on blue batik fabric. The one in focus holds a pair of gold and diamond rings.


Image contains two packs of patterned napkins, a tube of Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, five large white scallop shells, a sponge brush, and a mechanical pencil on a wooden desktop.


Step 1: Separate the layers of your napkin.

Most decorative paper napkins are 2-ply or 3-ply. Gently separate the layers of your napkin. We will be working with the one that has a pattern on it.

Image contains Amy’s hand separating the two layers of a decorative napkin.

Step 2: Lightly trace the shell onto the back side of the napkin.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a MONO Graph mechanical pencil and tracing a large white scallop shell onto the back of a patterned napkin. A marker organizer sits nearby on a wood desktop.

Step 3: Gently trim your napkin to the size of your shell.

Use scissors to cut around your pencil lines.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a piece of patterned napkin cut in the shape of a scallop shell. The shell and a marker organizer sit nearby on a wooden table.

Step 4: Apply a thin, even coat of Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to the inside of the shell.

This glue not only has a strong, permanent bond, it also dries totally clear, which makes it perfect as a decoupage formula. You can apply the glue directly to the shell using the broad applicator tip on the bottom of the tube, or you can squeeze out a puddle of glue and spread it out using a paintbrush.

Pro Tip: Good news! If you use MONO Aqua Liquid Glue as frequently as I do, instead of constantly buying a new tube, there’s a 500 mL refill container you can get to replenish your original when it’s low or empty!

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a tube of Tombow MONO Liquid Glue and applying it to a white scalloped shell. A marker organizer sits nearby on a wooden desk.

Step 5: Carefully place your napkin on top of the glue.

Don’t worry if the edges aren’t perfectly lined up, they will get covered later. Gently press the napkin down into the glue, but try to avoid rubbing it. The napkin is very thin and will tear easily when wet. Let your project dry completely before moving on. Fortunately, MONO Aqua Liquid Glue is fast-drying, so if you applied a thin coat, you won’t have to wait too long!

Image contains a scallop shell covered with a floral patterned napkin, sitting on a wooden desk.

Step 6: Apply a coat of glue on top of the napkin.

Once your original layer of glue is dry, use your paintbrush to apply another thin, even coat on top of the patterned napkin layer to seal it in place. Again, you’ll want to let this dry completely before moving to the final step.

Image contains four scallop shells covered with decorative napkins, sitting on a wooden table. A tube of MONO Liquid Glue sits nearby.

Step 7: Add gold paint around the edges of the shell to create a trim.

If the napkin hangs over the edges of the shell at all, you can use a nail file to gently remove the excess.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a scallop shell jewelry dish. It is covered in a floral print and trimmed with gold paint.

Once your project is dry, it’s ready to use! It’s the perfect size for holding rings and earrings, or any other small objects. If you try creating your own, we’d love to see the finished project. Make sure to tag @amylattacreations and @tombowusa in your social shares.

Image contains five decoupaged shell jewelry dishes arranged on a blue batik fabric background.

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