Image contains four monoline travel coasters: one is beach themed, one mountain themed, one desert themed, and one space themed, on a wooden desk. Surrounding them are a faux plant, an organizer filled with multicolored markers, and a MONOTwin bold marker. 1
Do you love the monoline badge trend? I’m Amy from Amy Latta Creations, and everywhere I look, I’ve been seeing these really cool, minimalist drawings of nature scenes in the shape of a circle. They’re typically not colored in, just shaded in some areas using lines. Here’s how you can […]

Monoline Travel Coasters

Use the Tombow MONO Drawing Pens to customize the Tombow Zippered Marker Storage Case! #tombow #planner
Hi Tombow Friends! This is Jennie! One of my favorite things to do is organizing my art materials. I love this Tombow Zippered Marker Storage Case. I’ve wanted to customize mine for a while. In this post, I’m going to take you through the process of customizing the Tombow Zippered […]

Customize Your Tombow Zippered Marker Storage Case

2024-03_Blog_Eco-Spring-Craft_smithakatti_MONO Multi Liquid XL Glue_09
Hello friends! I’m Smitha, spring is around the corner and today let’s make some beautiful Recycled Cardboard Roll Flowers together! This is a fun, eco conscious craft that is easy to make! What you will need: Recyled Cardboard Rolls or Toilet Paper rolls MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue Cardstock or Thicker […]

Recycled Cardboard Roll Flowers Tutorial

Hello Tombow fans, this is Katie and today I want to show you how you can reuse packaging and turn it into beautiful floral bookmarks instead of throwing it away! Supplies: Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue (psst if your glue is getting low, you can refill it instead of throwing it […]

DIY Dried Flower Bookmarks from Recycled Packaging

The colors and patterns on this book decoration are perfect for Spring! #tombow #book #spring
Hi Tombow Friends! This is Jennie with an easy to tutorial to make a faux book decoration! I love to read and I decorate my bookshelf every season, so I was looking forward to create something new for Spring! Supplies: Tombow MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue Cardboard box Tombow MONO […]

Book Decoration Made with Recycled Materials

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration for art, and using natural materials is a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your next project. I’m Amy from Amy Latta Creations, and I’m excited to share a fun floral craft with you today. This Pressed Flower Phone […]

Pressed Flower Phone Case

March is full of things to celebrate! Not only is it the start of spring in the United States, it’s also Women’s History Month, National Craft Month, and National Quilting Month. I’m Amy, from Amy Latta Creations, and as a quilter myself, I’m thrilled to share this fun project that […]

Gee’s Bend Quilt Inspired Cards

Create a whimsical mushroom illustration using the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils! #tombow #coloredpencils
Hi Tombow Friends! This is Jennie and today I’m going to draw a whimsical mushroom home using the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils! Supplies: Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils Pencil (I used the Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil) Tombow MONO Drawing Pens Sketchbook or Journal Tombow MONO Zero Eraser Step One: Use the […]

Mushroom Illustration with the Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils

Hi, friends, I’m Amy from Amy Latta Creations, and one of my favorite types of journal pages to create is a monthly mood tracker. I love to doodle, and mood trackers let me combine my drawings with a way to reflect on how I’m feeling each day. What is a […]

Flower Bouquet Mood Tracker

Hey everyone, Katie here from Studio Katie  to teach you how I like to use colored pencils in my travel journal! I have a trip to Puerto Rico coming up, and I’ll be bringing along my Irojiten Colored Pencils, and Dual Brush Pens along in my backpack to do some art […]

Travel Journaling with Irojiten Colored Pencils

2024-02_Blog_Irojiten_smithakatti_Irojiten Colored Pencil Set Vivid_07
Hello friends! I’m Smitha, and today I have a colorful owl illustration tutorial that uses my favorite art supply! The Irojiten Colored Pencils. One of my favorite mediums to use is the colored pencil, it is so satisfying to put pencil and paper and watch the colors come alive. Supplies: […]

Colorful Owl Illustration Tutorial Using Irojiten Colored Pencils

Hi, friends, I’m Amy from Amy Latta Creations, and one of my signature ways to create is by drawing whimsical doodles. In fact, I’ve even written two books: Doodle Everything and Doodle All the Animals, to share my love for this kind of drawing. Today, I want to show you […]

Whimsical Doodles with Tombow MONO Drawing Pens