Spring Goodie Basket Givaway!

Yep, It’s almost April and this is NO April Fool joke!

We’re giving away a bundle of Tombow goodies !!

This basket of Tombow goodies is worth almost $100!

Want it?

Of course you do!

So here’s how you can win it.

During the month of April you should…

1. Follow us on Pinterest.

2. Re-Pin one or more pictures from boards.

3. “Like” us on Facebook.

Most important…

4. To enter you must leave a comment on our blog letting us know that you have done the three things listed above.

( Remember, if you don’t leave a comment your entry isn’t official.)

OK, that’s it.

Have fun…and good luck!

72 thoughts on “Spring Goodie Basket Givaway!

  1. BreAnn

    I’m a fan on FB and I’m following you on Pintrest! I found some great ideas on the Tombow boards that I re-pinned, too! Thanks for the chance to win such great giveaway!!!

  2. Barbara

    I am already a FB fan! Now following you on Pinterest and repinned two cool ideas already: One card layout and one neat little book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Sav O'G

    OHHH! What a fabulous giveaway! I follow on PInterest–and I re-pinned a beautiful card by Melissa!! I’m a fan on FB too!!! THANK YOU!

    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  4. Martine Choquette

    I did the 3 things you’ve required. I love my Tombow pens.
    Thank you for this contest !


  5. Judy

    I have completed steps 1-3. I am happy to have found another great resource for inspiration. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  6. Nancy Erickson

    I L O V E your products and have completed
    all required. I would be thrilled to win!

  7. Kelly Massman

    Well, I did all 3 but I have to say that I am not used to Pinterest yet and had a hard time figuring out how to repin! But, I’ll get used to it and probably addicted now!! Thanks for a chance to win such a nice prize!!!!

  8. Stephanie Mino

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win some of your products. I have/use several already! I am now following you on FB and Pinterest and got a great card idea from Melissa that I repinned! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  9. Jodi Ruiz

    I “liked” your FB page a long time ago, follow you on Pinterest, and pinned the Christmas ornament onto my board (I think this will be a fun project for my students).

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jodi Ruiz

  10. Adam Harrenstein

    I did all 3! I would love this! I am a new teacher and can use all the help i can get!

  11. Jeanne

    I’ve done all 3 to be entered in the drawing. I am excited to have more time to look at your Pinterest. I see a new board on MY pins devoted JUST to Tombow!!! Good luck everyone!

  12. Amanda Wright

    I completed all three things to be entered into the drawing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Christina Collinsworth

    I followed, repined and liked on Facebook! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  14. Joyce Wagner

    I have completed everything to be entered into the contest. Thanks for having it!! I’ve been using Tombow Markers for years and love them. I have almost every color you have!! Will be following you on Facebook AND Pinterest now :)

  15. Kelly Beam Brown

    I did the 3 things: follow on facebook, follow on Pinterest and repinned a photo-it was the Debbie’s picture of the hug-how darling!

  16. Suba

    Thank you! I am now following you on Tombow, have repinned and like you on FB. I do love your products. Thanks for the chance.

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  18. Pamela Spradlin

    I have liked you on facebook since you showed up there! And I have followed you on Pinterest for a while now also. I have repinned several items that I want to make or draw. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway.

  19. Patricia Coddington

    All pinned, followed and liked you all :) Thx for the giveaway chance. I’ve been using your glue for years.

  20. Lynn Rudolph

    Done, done and done!! Fingers crossed! (I had already done all anyway….love TOMBOW) Now for the stars to align…….:)

  21. dianne davis

    Done all 3, would love to win, BUT Adam Harrenstein a new teacher sounds like he/she needs your products even more than me!!! Thanks for the chance to win:):):)

  22. donna duvall

    absolutely love Tombow Maria Browning introduced me to the pens!! Thank you for such a generous contest!!

  23. Michele Smith

    I am so glad it’s not an April Fool’s joke because I am so excited about this generous prize pack! Following on FB, Pinterest and repinned some of your awesome projects! Thanks for the chance to win~~



  25. Lorrie McCullers

    I “liked” you on Facebook ages ago, but I am now following you on Pinterest and re-pinned Jennifer Priest’s beautiful “Family” mini-album. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. Giovana

    I did it!! All 3 things done. I’ve “LIKED” you for long time on FB.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Love your adhesives and markers :)


  27. Carol Douglass

    I have been a follower on Facebook for a while. I am now following on Pinterest and have tagged some things that I love.

  28. Kaleptra Brown

    I have done all three. Hope I win. I just love your glue. It is the only one that I now buy.

  29. Terry Jepsen

    I LOVE all of the tombow products and would love to win the goody basket! Thanks so much chance to win…Following you on facebook, pintrest, and repinned some great ideas!

  30. Lori

    I have been on fan on facebook, followed on twitter, pinterest and re-pinned. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Alena Mccrum

    I did all three requirements for the give away. How nice it would be to give me the prize so I can become a tombow user.

  32. karen adams

    did all that was required to enter! i just discovered your hook and loop tabs and love them! it would be great to try your other products! thanks!

    karen adams

  33. Gloria Shirr

    I followed two of the boards on Pinterest. (You were not clear as to how many you need to follow.) I did a re-pin of more than one picture from the boards. I liked you on Facebook and I am leaving a comment here. I would love to win this basket of Tombow goodies. I love your products and I use them regularly. I have a few new ones I can’t wait to try. Thanks for this opportunity to wiin the prizes.

  34. Shannon

    All done! :) I’ve “LIKED” you for long time on FB and am now following you on Pinterest. I’ve repinned some coloring tutorials as well as a couple of fabulous color charts. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Love your adhesives and markers

  35. Christine Johnson

    All 3 done, I liked you a long time ago, lol! Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  36. carolyn jacobson

    i did all of this and am SOOOO hopeful and excited to have a chance of winning the goodies! i LOVE tombow products and am totally in need of refills to take with me to sleepaway camp in a few weeks; my projects are my entertainment and my memory making!!!

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