Winner of Melissa’s Color Challenge 4

We had a lot of really great entries for Melissa’s Color Challenge with a Twist!

May Tombow challenge (2)

Thanks to everyone that participated and entered.
We loved seeing everyone’s projects using such fun colors.

Our winner is Robin Clendenning!


Robin created this beautiful card for the challenge:IMG_7259

Check out her blog to see how she created this masterpiece!

Thanks for sharing this with us Robin!

Please send us a Facebook Message with your information and we will ship you your new Tombow Goodies!


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4 thoughts on “Winner of Melissa’s Color Challenge

  • Zyzo

    Hi, I tried to send an email to Melissa, but I don’t know why it didn’t worked (it bocneud). Here’s the text I sent her: Hi Melissa,My name is Giovanna and I live in Madrid, Spain. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do to help the foundation from this far, but if you can think of something, I will love to help.Giovanna


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    That is incredible! I am sure that all the colors will be amazing but I will select light blue because that is my luck color. Thanks for sharing. I am glad that I visited it on my friend’s suggestion.