Awesome Lettering Week at Tombow!!

Lettering Week At Tombow



I love lettering!  It is such a beautiful art form.  I’ve been practicing different fonts and types of lettering for years.  But with Tombow Dual Brush Pens lettering is so much easier!  With the marker tip for beautiful brush strokes and the fine tip for thin lines, you will be an expert in no time!
I made this lettering piece by making “blocks” to put each letter in.  I used a ruler and my Black Dual Brush Marker to make them.  This way, I know how big to make my letters.
You can see the letter A is in 1 block.
At the bottom of my page I had 2 extra spaces left, so I made some flowers.  I used the “Manga Shojo” set of Tombo Dual Brush Pens.  I love this set!  The colors are lovely.  I used the red and pink colors with the blender pen.
Here is my finished lettering piece.
And here is a close up.  I always add dots or shading of some kind to my lettering.
I hope Tombow’s Lettering Week inspires you to give it a try and get some Dual Brush Pens of your own!!

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