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Welcome to day 2 of the Designer’s Favorites Week!  My FAVORITE Tombow USA product is Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive!  I have been hooked since January 2014 and I just cannot get enough of this adhesive.  It’s the reason I tried out for the Design Team!  I have attached all kinds of embellishments and craft products with the Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive and have never been disappointed!  It holds as well as any double sided adhesive or liquid glue that I have used – and it is neat, clean, easy to use and portable – TRUE LOVE!

Now that I am done gushing – on to my project!

Favorite Adhesive - Tombow USA Xtreme!


Here’s How to Make it:
06-15 XTREME 1
Gather an unfinished wooden box and a bag of  wooden craft strips (I had mine in my craft stash, which I have to say that I am totally into these days – using up my stash).  In a well ventilated area (or preferably outside) spray paint outside of wooden box with Design Master ColorTool Glossy Wood Tone 757, let dry.
06-15 XTREME 2
Select your pallet and gather Tombow USA Dual Brush Pens.  I used greens and blues 425, 373, 515, 173,451, 296, 195 and 185.  Using long strokes, color the wooden strips with the pens – don’t forget the edges!
TIP – I took one of the wooden strips and tested out my colors to create my palette BEFORE I started coloring all of the wooden strips.  The colors are a bit darker and more saturated on the wooden strips then they are on paper.
06-15 XTREME 3
Apply Tombow USA Xtreme Adhesive to back of each strip and apply to box top.  I chose to create a diagonal pattern to create additional interest.  Don’t worry about the over hang, we will take care of that in a minute!
TIP – Remember that the Xtreme is such a strong adhesive that you have to “snap” it off at a 90 degree angle at the end of each run.
06-15 XTREME 4
Flip box over and trim wooden strips with a craft knife.
TIP – Make sure that you have your self healing mat underneath BEFORE you begin this step. Don’t ask me how I know this LOL!
06-15 XTREME 5
Flip box right side up and carefully color in the “raw” or cut edges with the Dual Brush Pens.
The Tombow USA Xtreme Adhesive creates a permanent bond that holds tight and fast, no waiting for liquid glue to dry on a project like this, which is great for last minute or impatient crafter – like me!
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Thanks for stopping by! -Beth
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