Tombow 2016 Round 2 Design Team Projects 13

Hello everyone! As you may already know, this year for the 2016 Tombow Design Team Callout we received a record breaking amount of applications. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of talent and creativity that we received from all over the world. Our judges’ panel somehow managed to narrow the applicants down to 16 finalists.

These 16 finalists were given a package containing Tombow products and a challenge. The challenge was to create the perfect party themed project, focusing on event-specific parties, using a bright color palette.  We are beyond excited to present these Round 2 projects today. As you can see the finalists really went above and beyond making it even harder for our judges to choose the Final 2016 Design Team Members!  Be sure to link over to each designer’s personal page to see just how they created their awesome projects!

Amanda Arneill

project 3

Amy Latta

project 4

Beth Watson

project 6

Cynthia Banessa

project 9

Laura Londergan

project 11

Lauren Fitzmaurice

project 8

Lindsay Shannon

project 12

Maria L Russell

Mireille Binet

project 5

Paige Firnberg

project 2

Serena Bee

Smitha Katti

project 1

Yani Ramos

project 7

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13 thoughts on “Tombow 2016 Round 2 Design Team Projects

  • Janet

    Serena Bee’s party hat banner is brilliant! I would totally want to make this. Her videos are always enjoyable. She speaks clearly and fun to listen to!

  • Sherl Davidson

    I love Amy Latta’s Pop and See balloon…what a festive idea…
    Anyone would love to get that…love the tag too…

  • Latrice Murphy

    Love Amanda Arneill and her work so very much! Love all the Brush script I see. I’m trying my hand at it this month. I hope to be able to share more as a DT member. Fingers crossed for everyone! Awesome work. Lucky to be apart of this group.

  • Serena

    Such amazing projects from everyone. I had a blast creating for Tombow as a finalist, if this is a taste of how being on the DT is then I hope and pray to get a chance 🙂 hehe. Good luck to all the other amazing ladies, your projects are all so wonderful and bright!

  • Joyce Ashby

    I love Lauren Ashby’s creative gender reveal party. Her ideas work great with her theme, and could easily be adapted for any party theme. She is very talented and her ideas are original and inspirational.

  • Celeste

    I LOVE Serena Bee’s Party Hat Banner!! It’s so fun & I’m making one to send to a pen pal for her upcoming birthday. Serena’s videos are always fun, and inspiring. Best of luck to her!!!

  • Lauren Fitzmaurice

    I am so grateful for this opportunity! I had an absolute blast and hope to be able to be a part of the 2016 Design Team! Congrats to the rest of the ladies on some awesome projects. I’ll just be over here while I #tombowlikealefty and wait for December 14. 🙂