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We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough brush lettering around here. If you find yourself oddly satisfied by watching videos of people drawing letters, or you love seeing scripts and prints lettering paired effortlessly, or you can’t get enough of an unexpected color combination – these 20 brush lettering artists need to be on your Instagram following list now!

20 Brush Letterers to follow on Instagram


We’ve chosen these letterers because they almost exclusively use brush pens and are all experts at using our Dual Brush Pens and Fudenosuke Brush Pens. We’ve listed them for you below in alphabetical order by first name.

Alana Yarbrough // @ReachAlana


Change is inevitable Growth is optional As John Maxwell shares, your growth is up to you. As you continue on this journey called life, know that growth takes time… and often waaaay longer than we think. ? It requires of us consistent and accountable amounts of hard work, perseverance against the ingrained, and a deep faith through the pain and discomfort. Just as a seed struggles through the darkness, or the butterfly writhes within the cocoon, growth is not an easy process. Yet the tree that bears fruit from the seed that struggled, or that beautiful butterfly that soars above us, the growth pains can create long-lasting beauty that blesses many. Your dedication and commitment to growth will change lives, all those you encounter, now and for generations to come. This is a legacy you are creating with your daily choices… don’t ever give up, darling! ? I believe in you! Keep growing!

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Follower her for: the most amazing manicures and inspirational lettering.


Amanda Arneill // @AmandaArneill

Follow her for: hilarious parenting lettering, perfect flourishing and gorgeous pops of color.


Amanda // @BugabooBearDesigns

Follow her for: fun, quirky lettering in vibrant colors.


Amy Latta // @OneArtsyMama

Follow her for: the world’s greatest love affair with coffee.


Brittany Luiz // @BrittanyLuiz

Follow her for: behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it’s like working at Tombow USA HQ.


Dawn Nicole // @ByDawnNicole

Follow her for: inspirational quotes and lefty lettering advice.


Jordanne Marie // @Jordanne__Marie

Follow her for: faith lettering and the prettiest color palettes.


Kate Rondorf // @ItsKatesHandwriting

  Follow her for: a bold lettering style.


Kelly Klapstein // @KellyCreates

 Follow her for: lettering videos galore!


Kiley // @KileyinKentucky

Follow her for: unexpected color combinations you’ll wish you had come up with.


Krystal Whitten // @KrystalWhitten

Follow her for: faith lettering and beautiful sketchnotes.


Lauren Fitzmaurice // @RenmadeCalligraphy

Follow her for: donut puns, perfect pairings of script and print lettering, and lefty tips!


Lindsay Shannon // @LShannonDesigns

Day 12: Camhanaich ? #letteringwithtombow

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Follow her for: quirky lettering with watercolor accents.


Maia Then // @MagicMaia

Follow her for: big, bold lettering and the most amazing flourishing you’ve ever seen.


Paige Firnberg // @PFirnberg

Follow her for: whimsical lettering.


Peggy Dean // @ThePigeonLetters

Follow her for: the perfect pairing of fine art and lettering.


Sara T // @HandmadeBySaraT

Follow her for: uncommon words in so many different styles.


Sharisse // @PiecesCalligraphy

A little #tbt action to my very first brush pen, handed to me by the sweet Phawnda Moore in an introductory calligraphy class. I was actually shocked when I first saw it, thinking, “This is just a marker. I signed up for a calligraphy class.” ? And you know what? I actually asked Phawnda if we could do pointed pen instead (although I didn’t know what it was called back then ?). She told me that was an advanced technique that would require extra instruction because of the tools and technique, on top of the already intensive lesson we would need as beginners. It wasn’t until a few MONTHS later that I began to embrace the brush pen. I kept at it, practicing and learning and sharing… Fast forward a year later, and here I am. I have brush pens spilling out of my ears. My husband actually told a guest at our house, “Yeah, we don’t have real pens here.” (The guest needed a simple ball point pen ?) #truestory ?What was your first calligraphy pen? (Doesn’t have to be a brush pen.) Did you love it? Hate it? Still use it to this day?

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Follow her for: some of the most stylistically perfect brush lettering out there.


Susanna // @ColdSnowInHarvest

Even on your worst day child of God, you’re headed for eternal glory.

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Follow her for: faith lettering in a variety of styles.


Tosha Seeholzer // @HelloTosha

Picking right back up with my #hellotoshalettersAtoZ challenge! ✍?? H is for hi, hello, hey! Fun fact for ya: after graduating high school, I decided it was time to graduate from my @ hotmail email address too ?? I upgraded to gmail and went with something friendly. ?? That’s when Hello Tosha was really born. ✨ I was a wee 18 yr old, had a Nokia flip phone and listened to Dashboard Confessional on the reg ? I would have never guessed that I would start a business under that name 10?? years later. The name chose me, I guess.? #themoreyouknow ?✨ • ✍? Tombow Dual Brush Pen • I plan to letter my way through the alphabet, finding new and favorite ways to pen each letter. Requests and phrase/word suggestions are very welcome! I’d love to hear what you’d like to see! #hellotoshaletters #hellohappylettering

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Follow her for: whimsical lettering that is incredibly inspiring and appears effortless.

Know of some other amazing brush letterers on Instagram? Drop us their links in the comments below!


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