Lettering Lesson Plan for Teacher Appreciation Week 2

Greetings teachers, parents and group leaders! Here is a simple lettering lesson plan to use with students Grade 7 and up. This project can be done in one lesson. Tombow’s MONO J Drawing Pencils and White Plastic Erasers are available from Tombow in a Class Pack, but you can also use the MONO Drawing Pencil Set for this lesson plan if you have a smaller class.

What students will learn:

The students will learn learn two different hand lettered styles, patterning and graphic pencil shading. The words to lettered will be Latin mottoes and their translations. A discussion about mottoes can include the following questions:

  • What is a motto?
  • Does the school have a motto? What is it?
  • What are mottoes for other schools? Municipalities? States/Provinces?
  • What could be your motto?

Discuss popular mottoes. Example: Latin Motto – Carpe diem! Translation – Seize the day! What does the motto mean? – The future is uncertain, so enjoy the present moment and make the best out of every day that is given to you.

@mariebrowning Simple lettering Fat Filler Font

The Styles

The Fat Filler Font is an easy style that includes a ‘fat’ section to fill with a design. The best x-height for this lettering is 1″. The small brush lettering is created with a Dual Brush Pen and is a nice accompanying style for the Fat Filler Font. The x-height for this font is 1/2″.

@mariebrowning Sketch the letters in pencil first

Sketch the Letters

Using a 2H MONO J Drawing Pencil, draw your lines and sketch out your letters. The sample used Mixed Media paper from Strathmore. Use a White Plastic Eraser to correct and help space out the letters. The sample is Harvard University’s Motto: Veritas, translation: truth.

@mariebrowning Ink the letters with permanent marker

Ink the Letters

Using the MONO Twin Permanent Marker, ink in the letters. Use the broad tip for the letter outlines and the fine tip for the pattern inside the letters. Keep the patterns simple for the best results.

@mariebrowning Use mono J pencil to shade design

Shade the Letters

Using a 2B MONO J Drawing Pencil, shade the letters. Use the fished photo for various shading examples.

@mariebrowning Use Fudenosuke Brush Pen to letter the translation below

Add Translation

With the 2H MONO J Drawing Pencil, draw a wavy base line for the lettering. Using the Fudenosuke Brush Pen, add the translation under the motto. Here is a free downloadable Brush Lettering Worksheet from Tombow for the Fudenosuke Pen.

@mariebrowning finish by using a white plastic eraser to erase pencil


Erase all the pencil lines using the White Plastic Eraser. With the MONO Twin Permanent Marker and a ruler, add a line underneath the motto. Trim the motto and adhere to black paper using the MONO Multi Liquid Glue.

Thanks teachers, and everyone who shares their knowledge with others!

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