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Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

Hi Friends! Renee with thediyday here to share an easy design layout for your weekly planner. Geometric triangles are all the rage! For instance, these patterns are commonly seen on walls, paintings, blankets, even on throw rugs.  To continue with the trend, let’s create geometric triangles in your journal or planner.


Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

Step One

First, when creating geometric triangles, it’s best to draw out the design in pencil.  Because, if a mistake happens, an eraser can fix it right up.  To start, block off a section on both pages of the journal to accommodate the design.  Within that section, make 3 dots (aka points of interest) in random spots.  Begin forming triangles with a pencil and ruler by drawing straight lines starting at that first dot.

Be creative and make the triangles in various shapes and sizes.  Continue the same technique with the second dot and then proceed to the third until the design is satisfactory.  Then, once the outline is complete, go over it with a black MONO Drawing Pen.

Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

Step Two

After outlining the design, it’s time to color.  Sometimes geometric patterns look great in black and white, but color also does the trick.  This layout was colored with Tombow’s 1500 Colored Pencils.  Without a doubt, these pencils are the best I have ever used. More specifically, the lead is perfectly centered making the pencils break resistant even while sharpening them. And I can’t deny that traveling tin they come in!

Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

Step tThree

Now that the design is complete, it’s time to create the weekly layout portion. With a ruler and black drawing pen, create 6 equal size squares, one for each day of the week (Saturday and Sunday share a box). I also added a rectangular box to even out the layout and make it a bit more symmetrical.

Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

Step Four

Last, I wrote the first letter of each day of the week inside each square box with a MONO Drawing Pen. Then, with a Fudenosuke Brush Pen I wrote in the months, March and April in the rectangular box. The remaining portion of the box will contain my doodles and any other important information.

Geometric Triangles in Your Notebook by @thediyday for @tombowusa

This is such an easy and colorful way to add design to weekly journal layouts. How’d your geometric triangles turn out?  Be sure to share them with us!

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