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Have you tried the new 1500 Colored Pencils?  They are perfect for beginners who want to explore the wonderful world of traditional wax-based colored pencils! It’s Marie Browning here today and this colored pencil tutorial includes all the steps I take when creating a colored pencil masterpiece. The dancing llama drawing is available for coloring as a free download here!


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All About Tombow 1500 Colored Pencils

The 1500 Colored Pencils come in 36 colors, including white, metallic gold and silver. They come in reusable metal tins, in 12, 24 and 36 piece sets. They feature colored barrels and are pre-sharpened. Perfectly centered lead cores mean no breakage of leads when sharpening! They also have strong pigment for deep color saturation and are great for all colored pencils techniques. The sturdy leads and are especially good for colored pencil strokes such as hatching, scrumbling, layering and the strike stroke where a good sharp tip with low wear is needed.

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Create your drawing

To create this drawing, start out with a 2H MONO Drawing Pencil and sketch  the llama. Use a 03 Drawing Pen to ink the design when satisfied with the composition. Erase all the pencil lines with the MONO White Eraser. The lettering was added with a Fudenosuke Brush Marker.

Don’t feel confident drawing a llama on your own?  You can simply download and print this free download of a dancing llama! Cut a piece of heavy drawing paper or mix media paper to fit your printer. Download and print in black and white using an inkjet or laser printer.

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Plan your palette

I like to do a simple color plan after choosing my color palette. Colored pencil drawings love lots of colored layers to make them interesting! Print out the design onto plain 20 lb copy paper and test your colors, where you are placing your shadows and highlights and to keep a record of the colors you used. This comes in very handy if you don’t finish the coloring in one sitting.

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Lay down base color

With the llama 1500 Colored Pencil palette, lightly add the base color to the drawing. I like to start with the lightest color and then layer on the other colors to create a rich and balanced coloring. If you lose the highlights, or to help you blend the 1500 Colored Pencils, use the MONO Sand Eraser. Be gentle with this eraser as it will also erase ink! I used a little light blue in the shadows to deepen and enrich the yellow and brown hues. I added a highlight to the hooves to give them a shiny appearance. I have no idea if real llamas have shiny hooves – but my dancing llama does!

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Add color detail

The bright 1500 Colored Pencil hues of the saddle and harness were added next. Keep the colored pencils sharp to get into the small spaces. Layer and blend your colors for maximum interest. I used a heavy pressure when adding these bright colors. Use the light green to add a base coloring to the grass.

@mariebcreates #drawings adding stike stroke

Strike stroke

Give your drawing dramatic movement and significance by adding the strike stroke. The strike stroke is perfect for rendering hair or grass. It starts off heavy and then takes off for a tapered and graduated stroke. Using the same 1500 Colored Pencil palette, layer the strike stroke for the llama’s fur. I also added the grass using the strike stroke. The grass was a little too dark overall so I used the MONO Sand Eraser to tone it down in selected places.

I love how my dancing llama turned out! So much fun to use the 1500 Colored Pencils in this drawing. You will become a accomplished colorist after tackling this project! Then you will be ready to step up your coloring game with the Irojiten Colored Pencils!


Tombow 2018 Design Team - Marie Browning

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