How to Create a Watercolor Floral Pattern

Hello friends, it’s Smitha! Today, I have a fun blog post showing you how to create a watercolor floral pattern.





Step 1:

Start by applying your Dual Brush Pen color directly onto the Blending Palette. I’m starting with a soft yellow color for my flowers.


Step 2:

Using the Water Brush, drip a few droplets of water onto the Blending Palette. Mix the water and color directly on the palette and pick up this watery color with the brush. Paint a simple floral shape onto the paper.


Step 3:

Next, add the blue color onto the palette and mix it with the yellow to create a greenish hue. We are using just two colors to create this pattern!


Step 4:

Pick up the mixed color onto the brush and paint some leaves around the flower. Repeat these steps a few times to paint a few flower bunches around the page.

Add a few incomplete flowers, a few berries and buds to add more interest to the illustration.


Smitha_watercolor_florals Smitha_watercolor_florals

Step 5:

Finish off the pattern by filling the background with a soft blue color. Water down the blue as much as you need to create a softer version of the color.

Directly add marker details on top of the watercolor florals as the final step.


There you have it friends! A simple, soft and beautiful floral pattern using just two colors of Dual Brush Pens! I love how all the colors tie in nicely since we mixed the hues ourselves.


I hope you enjoyed this watercolor floral tutorial friends! Happy crafting!


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