November Title Page Using Dare 2B Artzy Stamps 1

Hello friends, it’s Smitha! I’m adding a November title page to my dot journal using stamps! It’s a very easy tutorial and I hope you will follow along!

I’ll be using this adorable stamp set by Dare 2b Artzy. It’s the perfect size for my dot journal. Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy


Step 1:

Place a small bit of masking tape onto your page where you want to letter your month name.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 2:

Ink your stamp well and stamp it onto the paper on top of the masking tape. Press down firmly to get a good impression.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy2

Step 3:

Lift the stamp up carefully to reveal the image beneath. I got a pretty good transfer of ink, except for that top left corner. I’m going to go with it since I can see enough of the outline to color in.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 4:

Gently peel off the masking tape, to reveal the blank space beneath. Make sure that you are careful since the ink could be wet on top of the masking tape.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 5:

Now for the fun part! Time to color. I’m using the TwinTone Markers. The marker tip can be used to fill in color quickly in large areas.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 6:

I like to color in the details with the broad bullet tip of a TwinTone Marker. The extra-fine tip is great to fill in smaller areas with color.

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 7:

Here are the colors I used to color in the entire image. This would also make a great image to color on a handmade card!

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

Step 8:

The final step is to add your month title into the masked area and optionally add a frame border all around!

Smitha Katti_Dare2bartzy

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today! Happy crafting!


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